… But Always Give

I always talk about “giving” & yes, there is a Right way & a wrong way to give. The motive behind my giving dictates whether it is Right or wrong… & it dictates the outcome. If I give freely of myself, expecting nothing in return, with no fear or selfishness… I am guaranteed to get the Right outcome. But when I give with a selfish or fear based motive… things turn out bad. When I give selfishly (expecting praise)… my kindness goes unappreciated & I feel hurt. When I give fearfully… I get taken for granted, taken advantage of, I give too much & enable people, rather than help them. The goal for today: learn how to “give” properly… but ALWAYS give! Have a great day everybody!


Don’t Shield… Cope!

“Any attempt to shield the sick man from temptation, is doomed to failure” ~Anon. 

There is always going to be trouble in the world… I can hide from it… or I can work through it. 

I can live & love & grow & rise above my troubles or I can wither away, wishing for the end. 

I can be a part of life, rather than hiding from the world. 

I can be alive, or afraid… but I can’t be both. 

The goal for today: stop running & hiding… get rid of fear… learn how to cope… make things happen… & be a part of Life at last! 

Have a great day everybody!

How To Not Be A Doormat

There is a Right way & a wrong way to give & I must learn how to do it properly. 

Sometimes I give out of fear… fear of being alone… fear of being liked… fear of what people think of me. 

If I give out of fear, I get taken advantage of… taken for granted & I make myself a doormat. 

If I give the Right way, for the Right reasons… those things can’t happen. 

The goal for today: give freely of myself only what I can afford to give & only to those who have earned it! 

Have a great day everybody!

The Right Kind Of Charity

“For the type of person who is able & willing to get well, little charity, in the ordinary sense of the word, is needed or wanted” ~Anon.

There are 3 types of people in the world.

There is the type who are able & willing… they simply get pointed in the right direction.

There’s the type who are able but unwilling… they get prayers & my help if or when, they become willing.

There’s the type who are willing but legitimately unable… they get everything I’ve got to give.

The goal for today: know who I’m dealing with so I can help them properly!

Have a great day everybody!

Help Right

There are those who are willing & able to take care of themselves & they are doing just fine… I should help them help others.

There are those who are willing but unable to take care of themselves… I should happily do everything within my means to help them.

There are those who are perfectly able but unwilling to take care of themselves… the best way to help them is to teach them to want to take care of themselves.

The goal for today, help the right people, the right way, for the right reason!

Have a great day everybody!

Make A Real Difference

Can you tell the difference between the ‘unwilling’ & the ‘unable’?

This is important!

I Love helping people but it’s wrong to give to the unwilling.

Emmet Fox says that ‘Wisdom is the perfect blending of Intelligence & Love’.

If I blindly give because I want to help… intelligence is absent.

If I refuse to give for the sake of the ‘bottom line’… Love is absent.

But if I use my heart & mind… then I can Truly help people.

The goal for today, learn how to give to the right people… In the right way… at the right time & make a real difference!

Have a great day everybody!

The Fine Line…

Where is the fine line between giving freely & being taken advantage of?

The answer is simple… but there are many variables.

When giving stops feeling good, it’s either because I’m being selfish… or I’ve gone to far.

If I’m being selfish… I should change my attitude & get back to helping.

If I’ve gone to far… I should stop doing for them what they could & should be doing for themselves.

The goal for today, know my own heart so I can help people the Right way!

Have a great day everybody!