Expect What You Earn

“The best way to avoid being let down, is to not have expectations” ~idk. 

Unfortunately, this is also the best way to avoid Happiness & Fulfillment. 

I have expectations! 

I expect Happiness… I expect Peace… I expect Freedom… for after all, these things are our birthright. 

What I don’t expect, is to get & keep these things without earning them on a daily basis. 

These things must be earned! 

The goal for today: expect an abundance of Life… but also expect to work for & earn that abundance! 

Have a great day everybody!



“If I have no expectations, I never get let down” ~idk.

Yeah, but I never get lifted up either! I try to have realistic expectations.

For example: I don’t expect people who are living the wrong way, to do the Right thing.

I expect them to do the wrong thing, & with the Right expectation I can keep myself out of harms way & maybe even help that person change their ways (if they are willing).

The goal for today: don’t get rid of expectations… learn how to have the Right expectations & watch things turn out exactly as they should!

Have a great day everybody!

Expectations Can Be A Tricky Thing

Expectations can be a tricky thing.

If I set them too high… I get let down; if I set them too low… I live a bleak, unfulfilled life.

Today, I will not expect something for nothing… I’ll expect to get exactly what I earn.

I will not expect people to act in a manner that they are not currently capable of… I’ll expect them to act exactly as they are (good or bad).

I will not expect the world to revolve around me… I’ll give to the world rather than take from it & I will expect to be happy as a result!

Today, I will set realistic goals & expectations & live Free!

Have a great day everybody!