Unity & Peace

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” ~Mark 3:25. Good can’t create bad… & bad can’t create good. Our hearts always know what’s Right & if we can get our heads to agree… good things happen. Unfortunately, sometimes our heads don’t agree… & that’s when bad things happen. Fear is what causes our heads to tell us things that aren’t true & that fear based dishonesty causes selfishness & resentment & these are the things that poison our hearts & divide us against each other & ourselves. The goal for today: rise above the fear, let your mind embrace the truth, give freely of yourself to others & let the love in your heart bring us unity & peace! Have a great day everybody!


What’s Missing?

Yesterday I read this… “We must be missing something, because the number of overdose deaths keeps going up.” Yes, we are missing something… most people do not understand that substance abuse is only a symptom of the real problem. As long as we keep treating the symptom of substance abuse, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of gun violence, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of suicide, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. The goal for today: I pray that eventually someone listens! Have a great day everybody!


If your significant other cheats on you, what should you do? A) Throw their stuff out of the bedroom window, onto the street below. B) Sleep with their best friend. C) Go on Facebook & tell everyone what a piece of shit they are. D) None of the above. When I ask people what to do… I get A, B & C. But when I ask God what to do… I always get the Right answer. He ALWAYS says: understand they did it because they were afraid… forgive them… & if you believe they are willing to change, give them the chance to do so; if not, then part ways like sane, rational adults… & say a few prayers for them. The goal for today: if you want the Right answers… seek the Right counsel! Have a great day everybody!

What Is Your Conception?

The big book of AA suggests that we choose our own conception of God. That approach was really comforting to me since most of my life I was told “Believe what we tell you, or burn in hell.” The Problem I see in the world today is that a lot of people believe there is a God, but they have no actual conception of what that means. What is God? What does He want from me? How does He want me to think, feel & act? We seem to have gone from being force fed a conception of God, to not having a conception at all… which tends to be equally ineffective. The goal for today: take a minute to ask yourself what the word “God” means to you, because it is “your” belief that defines your life! Have a great day everybody!

Good… Or Best?

“Sometimes good is the enemy of the best” ~Anon. Sure, any job is better than no job… but I want to do something I love. Any relationship seems better than being alone… but I want the relationship that makes both parties supremely happy. I guess being kinda free is better than being a slave… but we should pursue our God given right to true happiness, peace & freedom. The point is, when we settle for “good enough” we deny ourselves & others of something better. The goal for today: don’t be selfish & greedy, but don’t fall into the trap of comfortable complacency either; go out & get that “more abundant life” that Rightfully belongs to you! Have a great day everybody!


Imagine how simple life might be if there was only one solution to any & all problems… & we all agreed on it. Imagine if there was only one way to fix a relationship problem, a money problem, or a self-esteem problem. What if we could solve our violence, racism & addiction problems all in one fowl swoop. How cool would it be if there was a simple solution to all of our mental, emotional & physical health issues. What about our economic, social & religious disputes; how nice would it be to resolve some of those issues. And here it is: Do the Right thing, for the Right reason (Purity)… tell yourself & others the truth (Honesty)… give freely of yourself to others (Unselfishness)… & love unconditionally (Love). The goal for today: know that there is a simple solution to ALL of our problems! Have a great day everybody!


“When God wants you to grow, He makes you uncomfortable” ~Idk. I’m not a big fan of sayings like this because they lead me to believe that God causes negative things (like discomfort) to happen to me. God is a purely positive force & it’s important that we don’t blame Him for negatives because that will either destroy our faith or lead us to believe that negatives are good. I hated God when I believed He was causing bad things to happen to me to teach me a lesson. God is the solution to our problems… not the cause of them! The goal for today: know that your discomfort is coming from your fear… not God; God gives us the peace & comfort required to overcome the problem! Have a great day everybody!