Someone once said to me “acceptance is the answer to all our problems”… & I remember thinking “well that sucks!” If someone is mistreating me should I just accept it? If I’m in a shitty dead end job should I just accept it? If my life is unsatisfactory should I just accept it? Then I read this… “It is blasphemy to accept anything less than harmony & happiness” ~Emmet Fox. I’m going with door #2… if something isn’t going right in my life, I’m not going to simply accept it… I’m going to change it. There are some things we can’t change, but even those things can be brought into harmony by changing the way we interact with them. The goal for today: don’t accept inharmony… correct it! Have a great day everybody!


The Same

None of us really have a different problem, or a different solution… we just have different symptoms & symptoms are irrelevant. Fear is the root cause of all negatives… we just keep renaming it & we have confused ourselves as a result. Whatever problem you think you have… it’s really fear. Love is the root cause of all positives… but most of us don’t know what that means, so we are equally confused about the solution. The absolute only way to properly fix anything is with the unselfish concern for the welfare of others (Love). The goal for today: stop being afraid of what you’re not getting & start giving Love instead… problem solved! Have a great day everybody!

Just a few thoughts

I don’t believe God asked Abraham to murder his first born son. I don’t believe God is a hypocrite that would tell us not to judge & then proceed to judge us. I don’t believe He would tell us to love our enemies & bless those that wrong us while sentencing us to eternal hellfire when we make a mistake. I don’t believe He authorizes the murder of women & children to test people’s loyalty. I don’t believe He is causing all of our problems as part of some master plan that we just don’t understand. And I’m 100% certain that He is NOT spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, jealous or punishing. We are all entitled to our own beliefs & mine are that God is Pure Love. The goal for today: honestly analyze your beliefs to see if they’re sane! Have a great day everybody!


I believe that it is more important to teach our children how to not be afraid than it is to teach them math & science. Math & science are important obviously, but if your heart & mind are enslaved by fear, these things mean nothing & will get us nowhere. For example: if a child is being bullied, what will prove to be more helpful… algebra, or courage? Our fears are destroying our world & I believe the only way to fix it is to bread it out by teaching our children how to not be afraid. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct our own fears so that our children might have a fighting chance of growing up in a world filled with peace & sanity! Have a great day everybody!

You… Or Us?

If the only person you are worried about helping today is you… then you’ve missed the whole point & purpose of life. All throughout time, a blatant disregard for the welfare of others has been the cause of mans downfall. Every society that has crumbled, every empire that has collapsed, every act of war or terror, all have one key element in common… self-centered fear. Someone was afraid they weren’t going to get what they needed… so they took yours too. Trying to survive at the expense of others is the best way to end us all. The goal for today: help others… because real self-preservation can only be brought about by Unselfishness! Have a great day everybody!


“We can be alone at perfect peace and ease” ~Anon. This is a written guarantee in a book designed to solve ALL of our problems. I was never at perfect peace and ease… especially not when I was alone. I would lose my mind if I had to be alone for too long. For example: when it was time to go to bed & the rest of the world was asleep, I was up staring at the ceiling wishing I could just turn my brain off. There is a solution! Find the thoughts that torment you, pinpoint the fear that’s driving them & let me & God show you how to make peace with them so they can never harm you again. The goal for today: perfect peace & ease! Have a great day everybody!

How Do We Fix This?

If we want to find the solution to things like anxiety, depression, suicide, abuse, addiction, violent crime, etc… etc… we must first find the real cause. I’ve spent the past decade & a half studying these problems, pinpointing the cause, and helping people resolve these issues. The most important piece of information that I have uncovered as I listened to people’s troubles is that they are all, every one of them, rooted in fear. And they’re aren’t hundreds of different fears… there is only one. I’m afraid I’m going to lose or not get love. The goal for today: know that the joy of GIVING love, eliminates the fear of not GETTING love… & heals the world! Have a great day everybody!