Love Never Contradicts

“Two truths cannot contradict one another” ~Galileo.

There is no such thing as “good selfishness”… there is no “healthy fear”… God doesn’t cause good and bad to happen. If two wrongs don’t make a right… then how can an eye for an eye be the right thing to do? I feel like, on a societal level, we are very lost and confused; I also feel that if we would take the time to truly understand some of the simple genius, like the above quote, we most certainly could and would find our way again. The goal for today: find the Truth that never contradicts itself; the Truth that travels in a perfectly straight line directly from God, through my heart, and out to yours… find Love and give it to all! Have a great day everybody!


Fear is the foundation of all our troubles and fear is a direct result of a spiritual disconnect… a break down between your innermost self and whatever it is that you believe created you. Be it the God of the Heavens or the evolutionary idea… our spiritual trouble is that we have lost touch with the idea that we were created for a purpose and pursuing that purpose can only lead to good. Once we have lost that connection, fear creeps in and our troubles begin. Our fear causes a secondary problem on a mental level… I.e. the conspiracy theorist or the religious fanatic. Our degraded mental health brings about an emotional upset… things like anxiety and depression. And the emotional deformities lead directly to the physical manifestation of the problem, which is where we find ourselves drowning in loneliness, addiction, homelessness and the like. How do we fix it? The goal for today: Seek ye first the kingdom of God… be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… love thy neighbor… and do unto others! Have a great day everybody!

Smart… Or Hard

“Work smarter, not harder” ~Allen F. Morgenstern. This is definitely a motto to live by. I try to apply this to every aspect of life… not just my job. If I take the time to listen, think and care before I act… I am sure to get the Right results. If I don’t listen, then I don’t know what the Right thing to do is; if I don’t think, then I don’t know how to do it; and if I don’t care (passion & pride), then my work won’t have the desired result… because the absence of heart leaves all of our life’s work incomplete. The goal for today: listen before you think, think before you act, and put your whole heart behind your efforts… because life becomes hard work when we don’t use the tools we have been given! Have a great day everybody!


“Our thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane when our thinking is cleared of wrong motives” ~Anon. Interesting… maybe my mind was cluttered & I had a hard time remembering things or sleeping at night because I had filled my thought-life with wrong motives. What are you thinking about right now? Are you thinking about what you can give to life… or what you’re afraid you might not get from it? Are you thinking about helping others… or about how others should be helping you? Are you running away from the devil… or towards God? The goal for today: clear out the fear based motives… & enjoy some peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!

Over-analyze To Simplify

About 15 years ago, when my life was falling apart, I gave myself the “change or die” ultimatum. I chose “change” & immediately set out on a mission to find out what exactly needed to change… how exactly to make that change… & how exactly to make that change stick. I happened upon this 600 page book that really appealed to me & made sense to me. I read it & reread it, I studied it, analyzed it, read it with others, practiced the things it said to… & at the end of my so called “over-analysis”… I found that every word, in every sentence, on every page, in every chapter, all lead to this one simple instruction; stop being selfish! The goal for today: Altruism… or the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!

Follow It

It’s not really my job to force my conception of God on people, but it is my job to encourage people to find & follow their own conception. I have come to the realization that just believing that there is a God isn’t enough; I needed to consult with this Power & when led by It… I needed to follow, to the best of my ability. I needed to be honest with myself about it & I needed to stop justifying my wrongs & making up excuses. If I spent half as much time building my own conception of God as I spent trying to disprove God, I could have avoided a lot of suffering. The goal for today: find out what you really believe in… & put the effort into living up to it! Have a great day everybody!

The Key Elements

In order to find the real Truth, we must possess these key elements: open-mindedness, humility, courage & confidence. I can’t let my preconceived ideas close my mind, but at the same time… I have to have enough confidence to stand my ground once I do find the Truth. I have to be humble enough to know that I don’t know everything & then even more humble in knowing that there is always more Truth even after I do find some. If we seek the Truth, we will find the Truth… but we mustn’t get cocky, because there is always more Truth. The goal for today: Let humility open your mind, let confidence lead you to courage & let the real Truth set you free! Have a great day everybody!

Searching & Fearless

The 4th step of A.A. is about taking a “searching & fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” And in the beginning, it was the “of ourselves” part that I had the most trouble with. I had mastered the art of taking everybody else’s inventory. I was highly proficient in pointing out everyone’s mistakes except my own. Finding fault with everyone except myself taught me 2 things: 1) Pointing out your mistakes doesn’t correct mine. 2) Nothing is more freeing or liberating than admitting that “I” am my biggest problem. The goal for today: search fearlessly for my own mistakes… & be understanding & forgiving in regards to the mistakes of others! Have a great day everybody!


Indecision comes from fear. When my mind is clutter with fear, it can be extremely difficult to make sound decisions. This used to be very frustrating to me because I didn’t know that fear was causing it… I thought I just sucked at making decisions. For example: did you ever hear someone say “my picker is broken” in regards to their choice of partners? Well, their picker isn’t really broken… they’re just scared & that fear clouds their judgement. The goal for today: know that helping others clears the mind, then the Truth appears & wipes away our fears… & that’s when our decision making processes can function properly & become more reliable. Have a great day everybody!

The Secret

I want you to feel loved today, so I am going to share with you the secret to feeling loved that I have found. I have searched high & low… near & far. I have searched in churches, schools & social circles. I have tried to get the feeling from people, places & things. Every time I would get a slight feeling of it, I would try to hoard it, contain it & hang onto it. But now I have finally found the secret! It is an ancient secret, a complex equation, a paradoxical event, a mystery for the ages… a riddle seldom solved. And after all of that, here is the secret to feeling loved… GIVE IT! The goal for today: stop trying to get love… give it & see what real Love feels like! Have a great day everybody!