What Does It Mean?

When I suggest forgiveness to people & they don’t seem to keen on the idea of it, I ask them “What do you think forgiveness means?” The answer I usually get is that it feels like you’re telling them that what they did to you is ok… but that’s not what real forgiveness means. Real forgiveness doesn’t mean that what they did to you is ok… it means that you are no longer going to let what they did to you control the way you feel. Forgiving people is an absolutely essential component to inner peace & we should be practicing it frequently. The goal for today: understand & extend forgiveness to everyone… especially those who have hurt us most! Have a great day everybody!

The Battle Within

Someone recently said to me… “I don’t know how I’m supposed to think or feel right now.” This is what happens when our heart tells us one thing, but our head tells us another. In this particular case it was a question of forgiveness… or justified anger. Their heart was telling them that they should follow the path of Love, Understanding & Forgiveness; but their head was screaming anger, resentment & vengeance. It is absolutely essential that we learn how to make the Right decisions in these moments! The goal for today: remember that when the battle within you is raging… you should always follow your heart! Have a great day everybody!

Who Feels It?

“We were really beating ourselves with the club of anger we intended to use on others” ~Anon.

Forgiving people is absolutely essential if I expect to get any true sense of happiness, peace & freedom out of life. When we refuse to forgive & we hang on to our anger, resentment, or hatred… we are really hurting ourselves & our loved ones a hell of a lot more than the person we are mad at. Road rage is a great example: who has to feel me anger… the person in the other car, or me & the people in my car? The goal for today: forgive people… because it sets everybody free! Have a great day everybody!

Essential Attributes

Forgiveness is one of a small handful of absolutely essential attributes to be practiced on a daily basis. It heals people… mind, body & soul. It is a redeeming quality that brings peace to the giver, the recipient & the people around them. It creates bonds stronger than concrete. The most important thing about forgiveness is that it’s not ever my job to decide who deserves it or not. It is ALWAYS the Right thing to do. The goal for today: don’t let your heart get poisoned by resentment… freely forgive & make the world a better place! Have a great day everybody!

No Exceptions

Forgiveness is an absolutely essential part of life! It can heal the wounded heart… ease the worried mind… & bring peace to our lives in the midst of trouble & turmoil. We have a tendency to be a bit stubborn in regards to forgiveness, but in reality… everyone loses when we refuse to forgive. Forgiveness is always the Right thing to do, no matter what wrongs others may have done you. The goal for today: set yourself & everyone else free, by extending forgiveness to all… no exceptions! Have a great day everybody!

Understand & Forgive

Did you ever have a bad day & take it out on someone else? Did you ever have someone else take their bad day out on you? When I have a bad day & take it out on someone else, I expect them to be understanding & forgiving; but when someone does it to me… do I give them that same understanding & forgiveness? We are all hypocrites at times & we all need to put a better effort into correcting that serious fault. The goal for today: practice understanding & forgiveness to the absolute best of my ability! Have a great day everybody!

Truth = Forgiveness

“Resentment is the #1 offender, it destroys more people than anything else” ~Anon. “Re” is a prefix that means “again”… & “sent” comes from a Latin word that means “to feel”. When someone wrongs you, it feels bad & when you think about it again, it feels bad again… that’s resentment. The re-feeling of negative emotions is destructive, so we need to learn how to fix it. The only way to fix it is to forgive… & the only way to forgive is to tell myself the Truth. The goal for today: the Truth is… my feelings come from me, not others… so I should forgive their mistakes, correct my own, get rid of resentment… & live free! Have a great day everybody!

Love… Rise Above… Forgive

There are a few sayings that suggest that I should be kind to the people that are kind to me; I shouldn’t make you a priority if I’m not one to you; & my personal favorite: I should forgive you so “I” can feel better. The people that come up with these sayings make them sound intelligent… & because it sounds smart, I have a tendency to believe it. But these statements are all inaccurate… & guaranteed to rob you of happiness. Here is what we should really do… the goal for today: Love everybody, unconditionally, no matter what! Rise above the fear of being alone & the priority problem will fix itself! And practice genuine forgiveness… because fake forgiveness will NEVER bring about real peace! Have a great day everybody!


The most important thing, you will ever do, in your entire life… is forgive. We are here to learn how to love each other, the Right way… & that’s impossible without forgiveness. We tend to love our resentments more than we love each other, not realizing that we are ultimately destroying ourselves & our loved ones by harboring anger & resentment. I personally guarantee that a genuine act of forgiveness will feel a thousand times better than any grudge you’re hanging onto. The goal for today: view forgiveness as your greatest strength, use it… & set your soul free! Have a great day everybody!

A, B, or C

If someone wrongs me, what should I do?

A) Take it personally & get mad because I have been mistreated.

B) Pretend it didn’t happen & continue to be a doormat.

C) Communicate openly & honestly, in a genuine attempt to be helpful to them.

Everybody knows what the Right answer to this question is, but how many of us can honestly say that “C” is the way we are living? The goal for today: know what’s Right, practice it diligently & life is guaranteed to get better! Have a great day everybody!