The Source

Whatever you believe to be the source of your happiness, is your God. At times I thought money would make me happy, but that’s not really true; I have been happy without it at times & unhappy with it at times… money is definitely not the source of happiness. I always thought the right girl would make me happy, but that’s not really true either; I have had many moments of happiness & unhappiness, in & out of relationships. I have finally learned that happiness comes from inside of us, not outside… & my strongest moments of it come from giving Love out freely & unconditionally to anyone & everyone that is willing to receive it. The goal for today: make a God of giving Love! Have a great day everybody!


Whatever Works For You… or Whatever Works For All?

I frequently hear the “whatever works for you” approach to problem solving & I couldn’t disagree more. Obviously we’re free to do whatever we want & to apply any solution we “think” is working for us, but real problem solving is about finding the 1 & only real solution to a problem. Every problem has exactly 1 Right way to solve it… but many ways to patch it up on the surface so it looks like we solved it, when really we haven’t. For example: drug addiction is caused by fear. You can do “whatever works for you”… but the only guaranteed, permanent solution to this problem is to spot, admit & correct the fear that caused it to begin with. The goal for today: find the cause… because doing the opposite of the cause is the solution that works for ALL of us! Have a great day everybody!

A Veterans Story

From 1991 to 1994 I left my home & my family for the love of God & country. You may not have known that this sacrifice took place. You may not have been aware of the fact that I was 3000 miles away looking after your God given right to peace & freedom. You probably weren’t aware that halfway around the globe an ice storm hit & the majority of our personnel couldn’t make it to their post & that a very small handful of us were pulling 24 hour shifts because NOTHING mattered more than your freedom. The goal for today: know that your freedom is a 24/7/365 job & thank the brave men & women that so selflessly sacrifice to safeguard it! Have a great day everybody!

Figure It Out

Right around the age of 14, I thought I had life all figured out… & I started doing things “my” way. I spent the next 18 years proving to myself that I didn’t have life all figured out… & that “my” way was destroying me. Now, I have spent the past 14 years actually figuring life out… & I’m happy to report that there is a better way. We can be happy, healthy & useful! We can find peace, contentment & love! We truly can do anything we set our minds to in this wonderful world… if only we will work with the simple Laws of Life, rather than against them. The goal for today: acquire happiness, peace & freedom by being fearlessly unselfish! Have a great day everybody!

The Best…

Yesterday’s speaking engagement went really well… but the best was saved for last. We finished up right at the end of the school day, on a Friday… & the vast majority of the kids were running for the doors. But one young woman came back into the auditorium specifically to give her condolences to one of the speakers who lost a loved one to an overdose. I immediately turned to a panel member & said… “I will personally guarantee that that girl will not become a drug addict based on the Unselfishness & the genuine concern for the welfare of others that she just demonstrated.” The goal for today: know that Unselfishness is hands down the best form of preventative maintenance in this world! Have a great day everybody!

Courage Solves Them All

I have another opportunity to talk to some high school kids today about the dangers of drugs & alcohol. I’m 46 years old, but today I have to remember what it was like to be a teenager. I can’t help these kids if I can’t put myself in their shoes. So I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about drugs because it’s more important to talk about the fear that causes drug abuse. The fear of not being liked, or not being cool; the fear of not fitting in, or not being respected… these are the real issues. It doesn’t matter if the topic is school shootings, or shooting up heroin… fear is the cause of both. The goal for today: teach people that having the courage to do what they know in their heart is Right, is the solution to ALL our problems! Have a great day everybody!

Purify Your Motives

“This perverse wish to hide a bad motive underneath a good one, permeates human affairs from top to bottom” ~Anon. Most of my life I would get upset if someone didn’t appreciate my kindness… & now I know why. If I get mad at your lack of appreciation, that’s proof beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I wasn’t really trying to be kind to you, I was actually trying to get something from you… like appreciation. My kindness was really just a thin layer of bullshit that I laid over the top of my selfishness. The goal for today: Purify your motives! Be kind simply because it’s the Right thing to do & it won’t matter if they appreciate it or not. Have a great day everybody!