Back To Life

Making decisions based on fear is disruptive. Being dishonest with ourselves or others is destructive. Thinking only about ourselves can be dangerous. Justifying our anger can be deadly. If you are having difficulties in life, it is because of the above listed negative thoughts, feelings & actions… & the only way to fix it, is to do the opposite. The goal for today: restore serenity by doing the Right thing, for the Right reason… build a better world on the foundation of Truth… avoid danger with genuine Unselfishness… & let unconditional Love bring us all back to life! Have a great day everybody!


Joyful & Enthusiastic

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning… I didn’t want to shovel snow this morning… I didn’t want to go to work this morning… but I did! While contemplating what to do, there was a voice in the back of my mind that said “what about the people that need to hear what you have to say today?” I teach people, from my own experience, how to overcome their own deeply troublesome problems & get their lives back on track. So I’m up & showered & shoveled (with a little help from a friend)… & I’m off to help people. The goal for today: be joyful & enthusiastic about helping others… it is always well worth the effort! Have a great day everybody!


The greatest obstacle I run into when helping others is, self-analysis. We seem to struggle with the idea of admitting that we’ve made mistakes, admitting that our problems are self-imposed. We don’t want to talk about the wrongs we’ve done… & we are sometimes even more opposed to talking about the wrongs that have been done us. We struggle with even the idea of understanding… never mind forgiveness. And these things that we struggle with so mightily, are absolutely essential to the healing process. Without honest & open self-analysis, we never fully heal & the wounds just keep getting worse. The goal for today: admit my mistakes… forgive the mistakes of others… & let the healing begin! Have a great day everybody!

I Wonder…

I wonder what would happen if institutions, like the federal government, stopped doing things for us. Where would we be without them? What would become of us? Would we have a meltdown or a monumental collapse of some sort… or would we finally rise up, reclaim control of our lives & learn how to take care of ourselves & each other? For example: when the city doesn’t plow my street, my neighbor does & he does a much better job of it than they do… because it’s his street & he does it with pride. The goal for today: don’t rely on others to do for me what I could & should be doing for myself! Have a great day everybody!

The Conclusion

“We subjected each relation to this test—was it selfish or not?” ~Anon. I’ve come to the strange, but definite conclusion, that the only time I have relationship problems is when I’m being selfish. When I am giving (the Right way, for the Right reason)… my relationship life is rather simple & easy; when I’m taking (because I’m afraid of losing or not getting something)… my relationship life becomes tense & difficult. The goal for today: don’t look at your significant other like they are your opportunity to “get” Love; view them as your opportunity to “give” Love… & watch as your relationship troubles melt away! Have a great day everybody!


Patience is an absolutely invaluable commodity! It brings peace of mind, it breeds compassion, it prevents accidents & mistakes, it keeps us away from excessive worry & fear. But the most important thing we get from patience is that it creates the pause necessary to avoid negative knee jerk reactions. If I’m patient enough to let my brain properly process ALL of the information, I can be understanding of people’s troubles, rather than get angry at their actions. With enough patience I can Love, rather than hate. The goal for today: patience, tolerance, kindliness & Love… toward ALL! Have a great day everybody!

The Big Three

We human beings have three basic fears: 1) fear of being alone 2) fear of running out of money 3) fear of what other people think of us. All of our problems in life tend to stem from these three fears. If we can trace our problem back to one of these base level fears, we can fix it; when we don’t get back to that root, the problem becomes chronic, it just keeps coming back. We should all do ourselves a favor… when we have a problem, we should keep asking “Why” until we get to one of those fears. The goal for today: don’t let problems become chronic… spot, admit, and correct them by asking “Why”… asking for help… and taking action to fix it! Have a great day everybody!