There is an ancient ideology that uses a parable to explain their beliefs, and it goes kinda like this: God is The Great Architect… & man is the builder. This Great Architect drew up an absolutely flawless, perfect blueprint for life. He handed that blueprint to man & said… “Here you go. This is everything you could ever possibly need to build a great life for yourselves. Now get to it… go build Heaven on Earth.” But Earth doesn’t always feel like Heaven… does it? And now what do we believe… did the Architect screw up the floor plan, or did the builder misinterpret it… hmmmm. The goal for today: build Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love into the world like the blueprint said… & see what Heaven on Earth really looks like! Have a great day everybody!

Who Are You Thinking About?

I wonder if you woke up thinking about me & how my life is going today… hmmm. My days almost always get off to a good start because my first thoughts are usually things like… “I wonder how so & so is doing today?” Or… “What can I do, or write about that might help someone else today?” When my thoughts aren’t selfish & self-centered… when it’s not all about me… when I have a genuine concern for the welfare of others… life just feels better. The goal for today: go contrary to what most of the world is suggesting & put the happiness of others ahead of my own! Have a great day everybody!

Passionate Reason

“Let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing” ~Kahlil Gibran. This beautiful statement is a reminder of the importance of using our reason & passion together in order to bring harmony into our lives. If I’m in a state of discord or discontent it is because I am only using one of these two wonderful gifts & I end up working really hard, but getting nowhere. The goal for today: use my head (reason) & my heart (passion) together, so I can give Love intelligently… & experience some true Harmony & Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

The Formula

There is an ancient formula for life that first appeared “In the beginning.” The 4 rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden were symbolic of the 4 sides of human nature. The formula is an infallible & inexhaustible source of Truth. It says that if I want to know the Truth, I must apply the formula: spiritual – mental – emotional – physical… in that order. I ask God (spiritual) to direct my thinking (mental), then I attached a feeling to that thought (emotional) & then I get an outcome (physical). The goal for today: apply the formula… know the Truth! Have a great day everybody!

Help Someone

Someone once told me that the key to life & happiness is to have the “Right” answer to this one simple question: Who will feed the widows orphan? Great question! Who’s responsibility is it to take care of the less fortunate? Is it the governments job? Is it the duty of some charitable organization? Do we believe it to be anybody else’s job, other than our own? Or is it possible that the one & only Right answer to this particular question, for every single one of us is… “Me!” The goal for today: stop waiting for someone else to do my job for me… take responsibility… & help someone! Have a great day everybody!


Docendo discimus – teach in order to learn. I have a friend that every time he helped me, he thanked me… & I was confused. I remember thinking… he’s the one helping me, why does he keep thanking me? Now I get it! Every time he helped me or taught me something, he learned something too… that’s how human nature works. We are all the same… we are all one… & it would be impossible for me to truly teach you something, without learning something for myself. The goal for today: help somebody… because I’m probably going to tell them exactly what “I” need to hear! Have a great day everybody!


The triangle is the strongest shape… geometrically, historically, spiritually & symbolically. Geometrically, it evenly distributes weight & that makes it strong. Historically its strength is built into everything from the Great Pyramid, to the roof on your house. Symbolically & spiritually it’s everywhere: the dollar bill… the Washington monument… the large obelisk in Central Park. When there are words around it, the one on the bottom is the most important one… it’s the foundation. The goal for today: strengthen your foundation! Have a great day everybody!

Did You Know… ?

Did you know the Statue of Liberty is holding a keystone in her left arm… not a tablet? Did you know the Washington Monument is actually the tallest pyramid in the world? Did you know there is a 240 ton, 68′ 10″ obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle) in Central Park in New York City? Did you know Praise be to God is carved in Latin on the capstone on the east side of the Washington Monument & it’s on the east side so the sun will always rise & never set on it? The goal for today: pay closer attention! Have a great day everybody!

Priorities… Patience… Persistence

About six years ago I started writing these daily writings.

It didn’t start because I wanted to be a writer… it started because I wanted to help people.

I wanted to inspire people, in a very practical manner.

After a while, I started thinking that maybe I could be a writer.

My main priority is still to help people, but I’m proud to announce that patience & persistence has payed off.

It looks like I will have my first book published sometime in the next three or four months.

The goal for today: priorities… patience… persistence!

Have a great day everybody!


“Some say that it’s a lie to claim health when you’re sick… but is a blueprint, for a building that hasn’t been built yet, a lie?” ~Emmet Fox.

There is a difference between building positives into your mentality & pretending that things are ok when they’re not.

I feel like shit today, but the blueprint says “Build Happiness!” so that’s what I’m gonna do.

If I faithfully claim good… good must eventually come.

The goal for today: follow the Perfect Blueprint written on my heart & build Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!