Love… Or Money?

“For the love of money is the root of all evil” ~1 Timothy 6:10. If a relationship (partnership, friendship or any other kind of …ship) is based on money, then Love is dead indeed. Marrying for money is wrong. Hanging around certain people because of money is wrong. Even building business relationships based solely on money is wrong. If we would marry for Love, build friendships on respect & businesses on ethics… we might have a fighting chance of finding some real Peace & Happiness. The goal for today: know that evil can’t be overcome with money… only Love can do that! Have a great day everybody!

The Source

What do you think about more: giving love, or getting love… giving friendship, or getting friendship… giving respect, or getting respect? If your true answer is “getting”… then we just found the source of your misery & depression. If your true answer is giving… then we just found the source of your peace & happiness. We all flip flop back & forth between the two, but when “giving” becomes the more predominant thought… happiness becomes the more predominant emotion. The goal for today: stay focused on giving… & stay happy! Have a great day everybody!


For years I felt hopelessly alone… & now I know why. I didn’t really understand it because I usually felt alone either when I wasn’t alone… or I chose to be alone. It’s strange how we tend to isolate ourselves & then complain of loneliness. Loneliness is actually a symptom of fear. I was afraid I would do or say something wrong & you wouldn’t like me… so I would isolate or get hammered to avoid facing that fear. The goal for today: get rid of fear… & focus more on giving friendship than getting it! Have a great day everybody!