Feel Positive

Even if you are living like Mother Theresa, there is always room for improvement. Here is a list of things that we can always get better at: patience, tolerance, kindliness, love, consideration, understanding, compassion & forgiveness. Pick the one you believe you need most right now & simply think about GIVING it. Patience & tolerance help us avoid negative knee jerk reactions. Kindliness & love put a stop to anger & frustration. Consideration & understanding bring us peace of mind. Compassion & forgiveness lead us to treat people Right. The goal for today: practice positives… & feel positive! Have a great day everybody!


Real Giving

“Giving, rather than getting, will become the guiding principle” ~Anon. If we spent half as much time giving love & respect as we do trying to get them from people… life would be better. I’ve learned that giving & then getting mad that nobody gives me anything, proves that my giving had strings attached. Giving, expecting something in return, isn’t really giving. We could call that loaning or trading… but it definitely isn’t giving. Real giving feels good even when it isn’t appreciated or reciprocated. The goal for today: try some Real giving… & feel some Real Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Give Freely… Get Happy

If you really think about this honestly, you will see that the only time we ever get angry, frustrated, sad, or any negative feelings, is when we don’t “GET” what we want. When I’m giving love… I don’t get frustrated. When I’m giving respect… I don’t get angry. When I’m giving compassion… I don’t get sad. But when I don’t “GET” love, respect or compassion… that’s a different story. When I think about what I’m not getting… I get upset; when I think about giving… I get happy. The goal for today: give “FREELY” of myself… & get happy! Have a great day everybody!

True Happiness

I have found that the key to happiness is helpfulness to others. I used to want to solve my problems so “I” could be happy, and to be honest… I didn’t really care if you were happy or not. Then one day something finally occurred to me; the reason I never felt happy, was that I didn’t care about you and your happiness. My blatant disregard for your well-being was the root cause of my unhappiness. What a strange paradox this life is! The goal for today: know that true happiness can only come from giving happiness & love out freely to others… try it & see! Have a great day everybody!

What Feels Best?

If I’m being completely honest with myself, I must admit, that giving always feels better than getting. Of course it’s nice to get a compliment, a gift, a promotion… & who doesn’t like to receive love. But anyone who has honestly & genuinely given any of these things out freely to others, KNOWS which one really feels best. Getting feels good for a little while, but giving brings about a far more lasting sense of happiness, peace & freedom… when it’s genuine. The goal for today: focus on giving & let the getting take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!

Help Yourself

“A man cannot help himself except by helping others” ~Unknown. I was once told that I couldn’t help others until I helped myself first… but this quote would suggest the opposite. Every human being is born with the ability to GIVE Love & therefore… we are ALL qualified to help others. I may not be able to transmit certain information to you because I don’t possess it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you at all. The goal for today: help someone in whatever way you can… because helping others is the ONLY way to truly help yourself! Have a great day everybody!


“If I love you, what business is it of yours” ~Goethe. This is one of the most important points in the history of humankind! Years ago, I broke off a relationship & people thought I was crazy. They said… “She is attractive, smart, treats you right & has a good job. Why would you leave her?” The answer is because I didn’t love her. Love isn’t about what your significant other has to offer you, it’s about how you feel about them… PERIOD! If I feel good about giving to you, then your looks, your pedigree & your credit score don’t matter. The goal for today: know that real Love is about how you feel about someone… not what you can get from them! Have a great day everybody!