Great Day!

It’s going to be a great day today… ya know why? Because we’re all going to refuse to allow it to be anything other than that. Every great day starts with the right mental attitude & if we maintain that positive outlook… our day is guaranteed to stay good. Don’t let what is going on outside of you dictate how you feel on the inside. The weather can only change my mood if I let it; people, places & things can only control my emotions if I let them; my work life can only ruin my day if I let it… & I’m not going to let that happen today. The goal for today: find & maintain a positive frame of mind… & watch happiness manifest before you! Have a great day everybody!


How Well Do You Cope?

It is extremely important to learn how to cope with our emotions! When we don’t learn how to cope with them we end up with divorces & family feuds… alcoholism & drug addiction… even wars & world problems. When we are full of fear/anxiety we make poor decisions; when we let our anger/resentment get the best of us we hurt people; when we let selfishness/depression rule our lives we destroy ourselves with it; and when our dishonesty tells us that it is someone else’s fault that we feel this way… our sense of unity begins to die out. The goal for today: don’t act on fear… do the Right things for the Right reasons; don’t lie to yourself… your feelings come from you, not others; don’t be selfish… focus on what you can give to the world; don’t stay angry… let it go & find your peace! Have a great day everybody!

Over-analyze To Simplify

About 15 years ago, when my life was falling apart, I gave myself the “change or die” ultimatum. I chose “change” & immediately set out on a mission to find out what exactly needed to change… how exactly to make that change… & how exactly to make that change stick. I happened upon this 600 page book that really appealed to me & made sense to me. I read it & reread it, I studied it, analyzed it, read it with others, practiced the things it said to… & at the end of my so called “over-analysis”… I found that every word, in every sentence, on every page, in every chapter, all lead to this one simple instruction; stop being selfish! The goal for today: Altruism… or the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!

Possessions… Or Happiness?

What is more important to you, material possessions… or peace & happiness? I believe we can have both… so long as we honestly & genuinely put the Right one first. I can lie, cheat & steal to acquire material possessions… I just have to forfeit my happiness. Or I can gain material prosperity by doing the Right thing, treating people Right & earning what I get out of life… & hang on to my happiness. I used to believe that in order to be happy I had to get rid of the desire to have a better life materially… but that’s not really true. The goal for today: know that we can have happiness & “things” if we put happiness first & get it by giving love freely to others! Have a great day everybody!

Psychology 101

There is a psychological aspect to absolutely everything that takes place in our daily lives. There is an answer to the question “Why?” behind every thought… feeling… & action that we experience. Life can get confusing when we try to find all of the intimate details behind that “Why?”… so let’s just start with whether it is positive or negative. For example: Thought – I have to go to work (positive or negative?) Feeling – frustration (positive or negative?) Action – poor attitude at work (positive or negative?) The goal for today: practice the art of positivity & reclaim control of your mental, emotional & physical state! Have a great day everybody!

The Power of Voluntary

We have completely ignored the power of real Love, Charity & Altruism. When I love my neighbor because the law says I must… it isn’t real Love. When contributing to the greater good is made mandatory… it isn’t real Charity. When I help others in order to get something for myself… it isn’t real Altruism. I believe the difference between Capitalism & Socialism is this: Capitalism is voluntarily Loving your neighbor; whereas Socialism is loving your neighbor by force of law. Now, Capitalism only works if we are actively practicing it (and we’re not right now)… but Socialism never works, because Love isn’t Love unless it’s voluntary. I have a feeling that we will be learning this lesson the hard way. The goal for today: give Love freely & heal our society! Have a great day everybody!

No Expectations

I believe that anger comes from fear… & I don’t believe that there are any exceptions to this rule. Sometimes it’s really hard to see the fear, especially when our anger seems totally justifiable, but there is ALWAYS fear at the root of our anger. We are afraid of being alone, afraid of running out of money & afraid of what other people think of us… & if we dig deep enough, we are guaranteed to find one of these fears lurking beneath the surface of our anger. The goal for today: when you decide you don’t want to be angry anymore, you should spot, admit & correct your fears… & then watch as your anger gently slips away! Have a great day everybody!