I believe that it is more important to teach our children how to not be afraid than it is to teach them math & science. Math & science are important obviously, but if your heart & mind are enslaved by fear, these things mean nothing & will get us nowhere. For example: if a child is being bullied, what will prove to be more helpful… algebra, or courage? Our fears are destroying our world & I believe the only way to fix it is to bread it out by teaching our children how to not be afraid. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct our own fears so that our children might have a fighting chance of growing up in a world filled with peace & sanity! Have a great day everybody!


Life On Life’s Terms

“Life on life’s terms” is an old saying that has been bent & twisted & turned into something it was never intended to be. It certainly doesn’t mean that life sucks & you just need to accept it… but that is how it is being interpreted these days. When it was originally written it was in the context of a man coming to the conclusion that you can’t hide from the natural consequences of your actions & that trying to is the equivalent of playing God & making up your own rules of life… like maybe I can be selfish & happy even though there is a natural law of life that says it’s impossible. The goal for today: know the terms… Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love can only lead to Happiness, Peace & Freedom! Have a great day everybody!


I used to think I had it worse than everybody else & that I cared more than everybody else & that no one could possibly understand what I was going through. And then when I was finally ready to hear the truth, I asked someone for help & they said… “Yeah, that just means that you are really self-centered.” Needless to say I felt insulted & offended, but once I was done crying about how hurt my feelings were, I realized that they were right. I thought I had it worse than everybody else because I was so focused on “me” that I overlooked you. The goal for today: think about somebody other than myself! Have a great day everybody!

Live & Let Live

My happiness is not contingent upon the way you live… it is contingent upon the way I live. I used to believe that I couldn’t be happy unless you acted a certain way, so I would try to control you & manipulate you so I could be happy. I once heard this method of living referred to as “self will run riot”… & it is just that. I was basically claiming that if everyone on earth just lived by my will… all of our lives would be wonderful. I can now see how childish & insanely selfish that was. Now I simply try to make sure that I’m living right, knowing that your actions can’t hurt me if I am. The goal for today: live & let live! Have a great day everybody!

From The Inside

The Truth exists deep down inside each & every one of us… yet we constantly seek it somewhere outside of ourselves. For example: I kept reading bibles that had their own interpretations of the scripture written in the sidebar. I did that because I figured that these scholarly people are smarter than me, so they can tell me what they think about God & I will just follow their advice. Well, that never works! If I have found the Truth anywhere other than deep down inside of myself… it’s not “The Truth”… & it will not get me where I’m trying to go. The goal for today: if I want to know what the Bible really says, I will let God whisper it to my heart… rather than man scream it in my ear! Have a great day everybody!


There are a lot of really good books in this world & we should read them all if we can. Some books help us relate to each other & not feel so alone. Others give us hope & tell us that life can get better. Some make us laugh, some make us cry… some are romantic, some are exciting. But from what I have seen, there are only a very small few that can truly help a person permanently change their lives for the better. The goal for today: if you want to be entertained… read whatever you want; but if you need to solve a problem… you’re gonna have to find, read & live by the Right books! Have a great day everybody!


It is courageous to admit that we have problems & struggles… especially when we do it on a public level like through social media. But do you know what’s even more courageous? Getting off of social media, finding someone that actually knows what they’re doing to help us, standing toe to toe with our problems & doing whatever it takes to solve them. Courage starts with an admission, but it grows through positive, constructive action… motivated by faith. The goal for today: don’t stop at the admission phase of courage… follow it all the way through to freedom! Have a great day everybody!