The Altruistic Solution

After nearly 20 years of anxiety & depression & a near suicide attempt, I have found the solution. That solution is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. I finally found true happiness in giving freely of myself to others. Helping others brought clarity & helped solve my problems too… it gave me purpose in a life that didn’t appear to have any… it filled my heart & mind with a sense of peace that I never got from trying to take from people. The goal for today: help others in any way I can & let happiness, peace & freedom rule the day! Have a great day everybody!


Live Like There Is…

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is” ~Albert Camus. A conversation I once had with a friend:

Him: Does God want you to feel that way?

Me: No.

Him: Then maybe you should stop.

I try to live my life based on the simple question: If there is a God, would He want me to do what I’m about to do? I’ve come to the rock solid conclusion that there is NEVER a good time to do the opposite of what God would want me to do… even if there is no God. The goal for today: put my best effort into doing what I know in my heart is Right! Have a great day everybody!

Attitude… Not Latitude

For many years I believed that people, places & things were in control of my thoughts, feelings & actions… but now I know the Truth. It is the attitude that I take toward people, places & things, that dictates the outcome they have on me. It is what is going on inside of me that really matters. When my life came undone, my first instinct was to move… I needed to get out of this place & away from these people. Much to my dismay… I was just as unhappy in the next place I lived. The goal for today: change your thoughts, feelings & actions… because the only REAL change is the one that takes place on the inside! Have a great day everybody!


What do you believe you need in order to be happy today? Most of my life I could write a list a mile long of what the world & the people in it needed to give to me to make me happy… but now I know the Truth. I thought it was my significant others job to make me not feel alone… but it’s not. I thought it was my bosses job to supply me with financial security… but it’s not. I thought it was my friends & families job to make me feel good about myself… but it’s not. The goal for today: know the Truth… I will never feel alone if I “give” to my girl; financial security comes from “giving” my best effort to my job; self-esteem comes “giving” rather than taking! Have a great day everybody!

Do You?

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth? I didn’t. I ran from it for years, trying desperately to escape the idea that I was responsible for all of my problems & that changing myself was the only real solution. I got comfortable with blaming others, blaming genetics, blaming the president… even blaming God if need be. I was hell bent on proving that my misery was outside of my control & there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can see that that was all a lie. The goal for today: know that the Truth is that every one of us is free to be exactly as happy, or miserable as we choose to be! Have a great day everybody!

The Source

What do you think about more: giving love, or getting love… giving friendship, or getting friendship… giving respect, or getting respect? If your true answer is “getting”… then we just found the source of your misery & depression. If your true answer is giving… then we just found the source of your peace & happiness. We all flip flop back & forth between the two, but when “giving” becomes the more predominant thought… happiness becomes the more predominant emotion. The goal for today: stay focused on giving… & stay happy! Have a great day everybody!


I once read “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger.” At first I thought this was an incredibly unrealistic goal… but now I get it. They weren’t really saying that I would never again experience anger, but that I would be able to get free of it when it does creep into my life. Today I know the truth about my anger (that it comes from my fear… not the actions of others)… & as a result, it can no longer control me… I’m free. The goal for today: know the truth… address the fear… eliminate anger… & be free! Have a great day everybody!