Day 4 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Soul: your true & eternal self.

The soul is the part of us that is eternal… it wasn’t born & will never die. The physical body will eventually return to the earth… but the soul lives on forever. Your soul is all that is good in you… it is the perfect you that is of God. Happiness, Peace & Freedom come from the soul… whereas, misery, discontent & fear come from the physical. I believe that the soul comes to earth perfectly Pure, Honest, Selfless & Loving… & our goal here is to get the physical to follow its lead. The goal for today: work on getting our flawed physical minds to follow our perfect & eternal hearts! Have a great day everybody!


Emmet Fox, in his book Alter Your Life, says that there are 7 things that come from God… & God alone. If I possess these things, I got them from God, whether I know or not… or like it or not. And if I do not possess them, it is probably because I have been trying to get them from other people, rather than the source. These 7 things are… Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Truth, Intelligence & Principle… & I will spend a week giving you my interpretation of them. 
Life = Happiness

If I’m not happy… I’m not truly alive. Just waking up on the right side of the dirt isn’t enough for me anymore. My unhappiness has been a direct result of trying to get happiness from other people. When I demand that others supply me with happiness… I end up feeling let down & I may also hurt their self-esteem, when I ask them to do the impossible & they fail. The goal for today: get happiness from inside of yourself & share it with others… then you can claim “Life”! Have a great day everybody!

Surviving… or Living?

Are you running away from the devil (bad)… or toward God (good)? The motives behind our actions dictate the outcome they have on us. For example: if I do my work because I’m afraid I will starve to death if I don’t… I will probably hate my job. If I do my work because I know it is going to make my life & the lives of others better… I will love my job. Both approaches may put food on the table… but only one will nourish the soul. The goal for today: don’t just survive… utilize the Right motives & see what it feels like to be truly alive! Have a great day everybody!


The attitude I take toward something dictates whether it’s right or wrong… & whether it makes me feel good or bad. About 13 years ago, a friend told me that if I wanted to live & be happy, I had to help someone other than myself. I didn’t like the idea & I didn’t want to do it, but I did want to live… so I tried it. I quickly realized that he was right… it immediately made me feel good about myself & that’s why I’m still doing it years later. The goal for today: take a positive attitude toward helping others & it is guaranteed to change your life for the better! Have a great day everybody!

True Happiness

I have found that the key to happiness is helpfulness to others. I used to want to solve my problems so “I” could be happy, and to be honest… I didn’t really care if you were happy or not. Then one day something finally occurred to me; the reason I never felt happy, was that I didn’t care about you and your happiness. My blatant disregard for your well-being was the root cause of my unhappiness. What a strange paradox this life is! The goal for today: know that true happiness can only come from giving happiness & love out freely to others… try it & see! Have a great day everybody!

Live & Be Happy

Last night my girl said to me… “Thanks for making me laugh today, even though I’m not feeling well.” My response… “Thank you for letting me!” Two important points come to mind with this one… 1) I can’t make anyone “feel” against their will. 2) I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to give. I feel as though I fulfilled my purpose for existing yesterday, by contributing to the happiness of another… & that makes me very happy. The goal for today: know that we need each other… because we need to “give” to each other, in order to live & be happy! Have a great day everybody!


“Misery loves company” ~Unknown. This statement is very true… but misery will have to do without the benefit of my company. I fully understand that misery is a choice… & I have made the conscious decision to not participate in it, ever again. If you have visited my home, you can feel it; there is a sense of peace & comfort in this place… because this is where misery comes to die. Most of the people that come here, come asking me to help them not be miserable anymore. The goal for today: let your Peace & Happiness either heal misery… or at least repel it! Have a great day everybody!