What Feels Best?

If I’m being completely honest with myself, I must admit, that giving always feels better than getting. Of course it’s nice to get a compliment, a gift, a promotion… & who doesn’t like to receive love. But anyone who has honestly & genuinely given any of these things out freely to others, KNOWS which one really feels best. Getting feels good for a little while, but giving brings about a far more lasting sense of happiness, peace & freedom… when it’s genuine. The goal for today: focus on giving & let the getting take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!


There is a Law in Life that says negative thoughts create negative conditions… & positive thoughts create positive conditions. Anger, fear, worry, jealousy, etc, etc… are all wrong thoughts & will NEVER lead to happiness, peace & freedom. Love, kindness, patience, contentment, etc, etc… are all Right thoughts & will NEVER lead to misery, depression & servitude. I shouldn’t expect to sit around having shitty thoughts all day & feel good about my life. I will find what my mind seeks… good, bad, or otherwise. The goal for today: control your thoughts… & control your life! Have a great day everybody!

Give Love… Receive Happiness

“What will make you happy is the love coming out of you” ~Don Miguel Ruiz. My beautiful fiancé & I read this last night as we were celebrating our anniversary. Most of the world’s misery comes from believing that getting love would feel better than giving it. We need to turn this around! I need it… you need it… this world needs us all to understand how love works. Giving love out freely, wholly, and unconditionally is the absolute key to ALL of our happiness. The goal for today: give unconditional Love… & receive unconditional Happiness! Have a great day everybody!


Happiness comes from inside & so does sadness. Peace comes from inside & so does discontent. Trust comes from inside & so does distrust. That being the case, I should stop looking outside for happiness, peace & truth… & stop lying to myself about how others are causing me to feel sad, discontented & deceived. No one can force me to feel anything good, bad, or otherwise… it is always a choice. In fact, anything outside of us is simply a manifestation of what is going on inside of us. The goal for today: choose positives… or at least take credit for my negatives! Have a great day everybody!


If I’m being honest with myself, I have to admit that there was a time in my life where I was more comfortable being miserable, depressed & troubled. It was like happiness was a sign that something terrible was about to happen. Not to mention that people wouldn’t feel sorry for me if everything was going good. It got to the point where if I didn’t have a problem… I would go find one, or create one in my mind so I could feel comfortable. The goal for today: let happiness be more comfortable than misery! Have a great day everybody!


Why do we constantly do things that we know in our hearts we shouldn’t do? We revel in our anger… drown in our self-pity… refuse to forgive… & then lie to ourselves & others about it. I am 100% certain that anger, self-pity, resentment & dishonesty are wrong… so why do I still sometimes do these things? And why then, am I shocked when unhappiness follows? Unhappiness comes as a direct result of doing the opposite of what your heart wants you to do. The goal for today: know that love, self-esteem, forgiveness & truth cause happiness! Have a great day everybody!


“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”‭‭ ~Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬. Ahhhh REST! Just the word itself feels good… doesn’t it? If my life is really hard to live… if it seems like more work than I can handle… it’s time to come unto the Truth… because the Truth will give me rest. To me this says that my constant struggle in life came from trying to live contrary to this Truth. The goal for today: know that Happiness, Peace & Freedom (Rest), are guaranteed to come to us… “IF” we Love & Help each other (Truth)! Have a great day everybody!