“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon. When I’m at home… I want to be helpful. When I’m at work… I want to be helpful. When I’m at the grocery store… I want to be helpful. This desire to be helpful has transformed my life. I don’t practice it perfectly, but when I do practice the unselfish concern for the welfare of others… my life & the lives of those around me, are instantly improved. Happiness kicks in and things like loneliness & negativity fade out. The goal for today: aim to be helpful… it is the greatest good & the single, most powerful ally to Happiness! Have a great day everybody!


The Motive Guarantee

I know that helping others is going to make me feel better… but that’s not why I do it. I do it because it’s the Right thing to do… because it’s what we are here to do… because it makes the world a better place for everyone. But I’ve got to get that motive Right in order to get the Right result. When I help someone & I don’t feel better, that’s proof that my motive wasn’t Pure. Somewhere along the line, I was doing it for me… not you. The goal for today: help others the Right way, for the Right reasons, expecting nothing in return from them… & your own happiness will be guaranteed! Have a great day everybody!

What Was Different

Try to remember an occasion where you were very happy; then try to recall a moment where you were overly unhappy. Now diligently search your heart & mind to find out what was different about “you” at those two distinct moments. It’s easy to see what was different on the outside, but the only thing that really matters is what was different on the inside. If I want to avoid unhappiness, I absolutely must change something inside of myself. The goal for today: don’t let the world outside of you control the way you feel on the inside! Have a great day everybody!

Simply Unselfish

Did you ever read a spiritual writing that sounded super intelligent… but you have no idea what it actually meant? Yeah, me too… all the time. I am a lover & believer of simplicity. I don’t believe that big fancy words always add up to the Truth. In fact, as a writer, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I use .25c words where .05c words are sufficient… it’s because I’m trying to impress you, rather than help you. The goal for today: start this simple: unselfishness is the key ingredient in Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

What Will You Choose?

I want to be happy today… so when something negative happens, I will give it my compassion for a moment & then turn my thoughts, feelings & actions back to something positive… preferably, helping others. Happiness truly is a choice & we prove that to ourselves frequently. For example: some days my morning commute is miserable because I “choose” to focus on negatives & I quickly get frustrated. Other days it’s calm & relaxed, because I “choose” to think about positives. The goal for today: choose happiness… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!


“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves… but what’s the best way to do that? I spent 18 years “looking out for #1” and my life sucked… I was unhappy & nothing ever seemed to turn out right. I spent the last 13 putting others first (to the best of my ability) and life has gotten infinitely better… I feel happiness & peace more often than not. The goal for today: do my best to put the welfare of others ahead of my own… because when I put God 1st, you 2nd & me 3rd, things seem to turn out Right! Have a great day everybody!


The Truth is not a convenience item that we get to conjure up when it suits us, and ignore when it doesn’t. We get to either live by the Truth… or not. When I do live by the Truth, good things happen & happiness follows. When I don’t live by the Truth, bad things happens & unhappiness follows. The Real Truth can only lead to happiness; so if I’m not happy… I’m not living True. The best part is that all I have to do to KNOW the Truth… is want it. The goal for today: find the Truth… apply it to your life to the best of your ability… & enjoy your happiness! Have a great day everybody!