The End… or The Beginning?

“Shall it be said that my eve was in truth my dawn?” ~Kahlil Gibran. I have had many situations take place in my life, that in my mind, felt like the absolute end of the world. Not only were they NOT the end of the world, but these situations always signified a new beginning. For example: at 32, when I was seriously contemplating suicide, it turned out to be the beginning of a massive shift in a positive direction for me. It wasn’t the end of the world… it was the end of the suffering! The goal for today: stop viewing “the end” as a negative, because just as winter gives way to spring, so too will the darkest season of your soul mark the beginning of a rebirth, a new life! Have a great day everybody!

Regardless of the Source

I was talking to someone about an illness, they said something very logical and then said… “But don’t listen to me, I’m not a doctor.” I’ve heard some doctors say some brilliant things; and I’ve heard them say some extremely foolish things as well. These days I tend to listen to ‘common sense’ regardless of the source. I don’t always assume that someone is right simply because of their title; and I don’t always assume that someone is wrong based on their lack there of. Goethe once said “Common sense is the genius of humanity.” The goal for today: follow logic and common sense regardless of the source! Have a great day everybody!

Theory… or Fact?

“We are not theorizing. These are facts out of our experience” ~Anon. For nearly twenty years I lived based on theories and opinions, and the end result was misery, suffering, and thoughts of suicide. That level of despair forced me to make a decision: end it, or go find the facts and fix it. For the past fifteen years I have been living my life based on facts, and the end result has been happiness, peace and freedom. Problems are proof that facts aren’t being utilized (regardless of what we believe to be a fact)… and until we solve some of those problems, we really shouldn’t claim that we know what we are talking about. The goal for today: let your heart tell your brain what the real Truth is and let it set you free! Have a great day everybody!

A Culmination

I was recently asked how I come up with the ideas for my daily writings. My answer: it is a culmination of life experience, divine inspiration, and self-defense. These ideas come from problems that I have either faced myself, or helped others solve for themselves. Once I can clearly see the problem, then I turn to God for the solution. Once I get the Principle based solution from God, then I try to tactfully write a brief description of the problem, and the solution, in a non-combative manner, in an attempt to avoid arguments, unhealthy debates, and unwarranted criticism. And I do all of this with one goal in mind… to help people. The goal for today: culminate some altruistic solutions! Have a great day everybody!


“What treasures have I found in silences that I may dispense with confidence?” ~Kahlil Gibran. Many times each day, God and I converse in silence and He gives me these treasures that Kahlil is speaking of; and as I receive them, I write them down and dispense them to you. I have written one of these daily treasures, every single day, for nearly a decade now. That’s a lot of treasure and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to share them with you! I have learned so much about life through this process that I feel compelled to thank all of you… for if you weren’t reading, I wouldn’t be writing and learning. The goal for today: listen and learn in the silence… live and dispense with confidence… and let us all share in these treasures from the heart! Have a great day everybody!


“We can be alone, at perfect peace and ease.” “We can match calamity with serenity.” “We can live free of anger.” “The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead.”

These are all quotes out of the big book of A.A. that I once read and absolutely did not believe. But because my life seemed so hopeless, I gave it a try anyway, and sure enough… they were right. Now, none of these wonderful gifts were simply laid in my lap. I had to work for them… but this work has become a labor of Love and now I can’t imagine living any other way. The goal for today: peace, ease, serenity, freedom and satisfaction of life! Have a great day everybody!


Are you seeking the Truth… or are you seeking something that lines up with your preconceived ideas? When I am looking for things that back up what I already believe, it stunts my growth and stops my forward progress. When I open my mind and go out in search of new ideas… I find the Truth! I want to be able to look at ALL the information and then allow my heart to help me differentiate the true from the false. The goal for today: open my mind, learn how to differentiate the true from the false, put the Truth into practice, and be willing to adopt a new idea even if it means admitting that my previous belief was wrong! Have a great day everybody!