Imagine how simple life might be if there was only one solution to any & all problems… & we all agreed on it. Imagine if there was only one way to fix a relationship problem, a money problem, or a self-esteem problem. What if we could solve our violence, racism & addiction problems all in one fowl swoop. How cool would it be if there was a simple solution to all of our mental, emotional & physical health issues. What about our economic, social & religious disputes; how nice would it be to resolve some of those issues. And here it is: Do the Right thing, for the Right reason (Purity)… tell yourself & others the truth (Honesty)… give freely of yourself to others (Unselfishness)… & love unconditionally (Love). The goal for today: know that there is a simple solution to ALL of our problems! Have a great day everybody!


I need to help more people! We live in a troubled world… & it’s not necessary. Every problem has a solution… & every solution is simple. The main reason people aren’t solving their problems is because they don’t really know what caused them to begin with. Do you know why people lie, cheat & steal? Do you know why people are angry, depressed & anxious? Do you know why people excessively drink, drug & gamble? I do… & as a result, I feel an overwhelming sense of duty & responsibility to help people overcome these issues & regain control of their lives. The goal for today: please… let me help you! Have a great day everybody!

Dig Deep!

I think at times we all question ourselves & our ability to successfully navigate through all of the trials & tribulations of life. Am I strong enough… smart enough… good enough? We are faced with some pretty tough stuff sometimes, yet here we are… we’re still standing! I feel like a part of my purpose here is to help people see & understand that they are stronger than they know… smarter than they think… & that every single one of us is good enough to rise above it all & succeed at life. The goal for today: you’re here for a reason & you were sent here with the tools to fulfill your intended purpose; dig deep & I promise you will find an unlimited source of strength, wisdom & heart! Have a great day everybody!

Hindsight + Insight + Foresight = Visionary

Everything is easy in hindsight… but what about insight & foresight? We can all look back & clearly see what we should have done instead, but the real key to life is to look back on past mistakes specifically to avoid making the same mistakes here in the present (insight)… knowing that if I take the opposite action, I will get the opposite outcome moving forward (foresight). Example: in the past I was selfish & it made me unhappy; so if I live unselfishly today, happiness will be the guaranteed outcome. The goal for today: learn from the past… so I can live Right in the present… & enjoy a future full of happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Attitude… Not Latitude

For many years I believed that people, places & things were in control of my thoughts, feelings & actions… but now I know the Truth. It is the attitude that I take toward people, places & things, that dictates the outcome they have on me. It is what is going on inside of me that really matters. When my life came undone, my first instinct was to move… I needed to get out of this place & away from these people. Much to my dismay… I was just as unhappy in the next place I lived. The goal for today: change your thoughts, feelings & actions… because the only REAL change is the one that takes place on the inside! Have a great day everybody!


What do you believe you need in order to be happy today? Most of my life I could write a list a mile long of what the world & the people in it needed to give to me to make me happy… but now I know the Truth. I thought it was my significant others job to make me not feel alone… but it’s not. I thought it was my bosses job to supply me with financial security… but it’s not. I thought it was my friends & families job to make me feel good about myself… but it’s not. The goal for today: know the Truth… I will never feel alone if I “give” to my girl; financial security comes from “giving” my best effort to my job; self-esteem comes “giving” rather than taking! Have a great day everybody!

Do You?

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth? I didn’t. I ran from it for years, trying desperately to escape the idea that I was responsible for all of my problems & that changing myself was the only real solution. I got comfortable with blaming others, blaming genetics, blaming the president… even blaming God if need be. I was hell bent on proving that my misery was outside of my control & there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can see that that was all a lie. The goal for today: know that the Truth is that every one of us is free to be exactly as happy, or miserable as we choose to be! Have a great day everybody!

Give Freely… Get Happy

If you really think about this honestly, you will see that the only time we ever get angry, frustrated, sad, or any negative feelings, is when we don’t “GET” what we want. When I’m giving love… I don’t get frustrated. When I’m giving respect… I don’t get angry. When I’m giving compassion… I don’t get sad. But when I don’t “GET” love, respect or compassion… that’s a different story. When I think about what I’m not getting… I get upset; when I think about giving… I get happy. The goal for today: give “FREELY” of myself… & get happy! Have a great day everybody!


Here are a few methods guaranteed to bring about misery. Don’t help anybody but yourself. Don’t forgive people. Spend more time justifying your anger than fixing it. And wait for someone other than yourself to make you happy. So how do we become happy? It’s complicated… you might need a PH.D. to figure this one out… get your dictionaries, encyclopedias & thesauruses out… here it comes… DO THE OPPOSITE! The goal for today: care about others… forgive everyone… give love… & be happy! Have a great day everybody!

Give What?

I don’t have much money to give you. I don’t really have any material goods to give you. But life isn’t really about giving each other stuff anyway. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with giving someone a gift… unless that’s all I’m giving you. Every single one of us has a heart full of kindness, love, respect, caring & understanding… maybe we should be more concerned with giving those things to the people around us. The goal for today: whether it is mental, emotional or physical… give from the heart! Have a great day everybody!