“Fear of this sort turns out to be the bogie man, nothing more” ~Anon. I have had thousands of occasions in life where fear kept me from facing a particular problem, just to have it all work out in the end. Every time we face our fears & finally pick up the phone or get that test done or whatever else the problem may be… we instantly get relief & see that there was really nothing to be afraid of to begin with. The goal for today: face your fears knowing that fear isn’t real… & that you are stronger than you know! Have a great day everybody!


Today Is The Day

You can think about whatever you want right now. Nothing & no one can force you to think about things that make you feel bad. In fact… even if you must think about something unpleasant, you aren’t obligated to feel bad about it. We seem to be trapped in the false belief that under certain circumstances we MUST feel miserable or depressed. I spent most of my life letting negative thinking push me around, but when it finally pushed me to the breaking point… I pushed back! The goal for today: let today be the day you reclaim control of your life… & choose to be happy! Have a great day everybody!


“He wants to enjoy a certain reputation, but knows in his heart he doesn’t deserve it” ~Anon. The first time I read that, it really hit home. I spent a lot of time living wrong while trying to convince people that I was this great person. I wanted to be viewed as a good father, son, brother, friend, lover, worker, etc… but I was so focused on reputation, that I missed what was really important. The best & easiest way to be viewed as a good person… is to be a good person. The goal for today: be a good person & let reputation take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!

Mad = Selfish

Getting mad at someone for not doing what’s right, is proof that I’m not doing what’s right either. Anger & frustration can only come from selfishness, which literally means that it is selfish of me to get mad at someone else for being selfish. We are all incredibly hypocritical & we usually don’t even know it. This stuff is hard to explain, even though it is really simple to understand once we see it. I once read… “If we were to live, we must be free of anger”… & that sounds like a great goal for today! Have a great day everybody!

Love Yourself

I finally found the secret to learning how to love yourself… & it’s pretty simple. The secret ingredient in self-love is altruism… the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. The only time I don’t love myself, is when I don’t care about you. I’ve learned that trying to love myself while not caring about anybody else never works, because it’s selfish. And we have to be careful that we don’t confuse self-love with selfishness. Self-love is a direct result of giving love out freely to others. The goal for today: know that the ONLY way to love myself is to learn to love others! Have a great day everybody!

Are You A Good Person?

What exactly makes someone a “good” or “bad” person? When it comes right down to it, we all know the Right answer to this question… but very few live by it. We know we shouldn’t judge… but we just can’t help ourselves. Why? Passing judgement on others is always an attempt to feel better about myself. Once I become convinced that I’m not good enough… I start judging others. But putting others down, will never lift me up. The goal for today: know that the key to feeling good about yourself & your life is to stop judging people & start loving them! Have a great day everybody!

Understand & Forgive

Did you ever have a bad day & take it out on someone else? Did you ever have someone else take their bad day out on you? When I have a bad day & take it out on someone else, I expect them to be understanding & forgiving; but when someone does it to me… do I give them that same understanding & forgiveness? We are all hypocrites at times & we all need to put a better effort into correcting that serious fault. The goal for today: practice understanding & forgiveness to the absolute best of my ability! Have a great day everybody!