Mad = Selfish

Getting mad at someone for not doing what’s right, is proof that I’m not doing what’s right either. Anger & frustration can only come from selfishness, which literally means that it is selfish of me to get mad at someone else for being selfish. We are all incredibly hypocritical & we usually don’t even know it. This stuff is hard to explain, even though it is really simple to understand once we see it. I once read… “If we were to live, we must be free of anger”… & that sounds like a great goal for today! Have a great day everybody!



If I’m mad because you didn’t take my feelings into consideration… that anger is proof that I have not taken your feelings into consideration either.

When we don’t take the time to think about other people’s feelings… we take everything personally & unnecessary anger follows.

That anger hurts the giver, the recipient & all those around them.

The goal for today: take the time to understand & be considerate of other people’s feelings… & be happy instead of angry!

Have a great day everybody!


“We spoke of intolerance while we were intolerant ourselves” ~Anon.

I was a hypocrite most of my life.

I would complain about the way people act, when in reality… I was doing all the same things.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite anymore…
I don’t want to be angry anymore…
I don’t want to complain anymore!

Complaining never brought me an ounce of happiness & therefore… it’s gotta go!

The goal for today: make sure that I’m living the Right way!

Have a great day everybody!

Practice What I Preach

I feel the need to throw this out there every now & then.

I’m not perfect… the things that I write, also serve as a daily reminder to me about how to live Right.

I don’t ever want it to sound like I’m saying that I’m perfect & the rest of you better start doing what I say – lol.

I put a lot of thought into writing about things that apply to us all & I need to hear them just as much as everybody else.

The goal for today: practice what I preach!

Have a great day everybody!

I Don’t Want To Be A Hypocrite

“We talked of intolerance, while we were intolerant ourselves” ~Anon.

If I had a nickel for every time I bitched about somebody doing something that I had been guilty of doing many times myself… I’d be rich.

I get mad when people lie, as if I’ve never lied.

I get mad when people are selfish, as if I’ve never been selfish.

I expect you to understand me, when I’m unwilling to try to understand you.

The goal for today: stop setting standards for others to live up to & start practicing personal responsibility instead!

Have a great day everybody!

Follow Our Own Advice

If I have a problem… I should ask myself what I would tell someone else if they were having the same problem.

Putting myself in someone else’s shoes is a great way to solve my own problems.

Example: If someone is feeling depressed, I would suggest that they find someone to be kind & helpful to.

So if I’m depressed… what should I do?

You guessed it… find someone to be kind & helpful to.

The goal for today, give sound, fact based advice & then proceed to follow it myself!

Have a great day everybody!