The Altruistic Solution

After nearly 20 years of anxiety & depression & a near suicide attempt, I have found the solution. That solution is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. I finally found true happiness in giving freely of myself to others. Helping others brought clarity & helped solve my problems too… it gave me purpose in a life that didn’t appear to have any… it filled my heart & mind with a sense of peace that I never got from trying to take from people. The goal for today: help others in any way I can & let happiness, peace & freedom rule the day! Have a great day everybody!


Admit… Or Bury?

I made a mistake at work yesterday & my old thinking kicked in. I immediately started looking for someone else’s mistakes, so I could conveniently hide mine beneath theirs. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was doing & I was able to quickly turn it around. I turned my focus, attention & energy toward spotting, admitting & correcting my mistake… rather than trying to bury it & pretend it didn’t happen. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility & humility always feel better & bring better results, than fear & blame! Have a great day everybody!


Do we practice unconditional love? Do we really understand what the word unconditional means? And do we know what would be classified as a condition? Most of us do not practice unconditional love, even though we think we do. Most of us know it means “without condition”, but we don’t really comprehend what that means. Most of us put conditions on our kindness & we don’t even realize we are doing it. If I get upset because my love isn’t reciprocated… that’s a condition. If I get mad because my love isn’t appreciated… that’s a condition. If I only love people that lift me up… that’s a condition. The goal for today: REAL Unconditional Love! Have a great day everybody!

What Moves You?

When we see, hear, or feel something that moves us to tears… we have found something that “really” matters. Money doesn’t move me to tears… houses & cars don’t move me to tears… supermodels don’t move me to tears. People helping people moves me to tears… true patriotism moves me to tears… unconditional love moves me to tears. Now that I know what “really” matters to me… I can get to work on contributing to those things & help the world, rather than just helping myself. The goal for today: tell myself the Truth about what’s really important… contribute to the world… & go help someone! Have a great day everybody!

What Feels Better… Blame Or Responsibility?

Blame is a funny thing. I always “think” it will make me feel better if I can prove that my problems are somebody else’s fault… but it NEVER works. Blaming others doesn’t fix anything, doesn’t make me feel better, drives people out of my life… & makes me a slave to people, places & things. Personal responsibility on the other hand, is the first step in solving any problem, brings instant healing, draws people to me… & absolutely sets me free. The goal for today: know that responsibility ALWAYS feels better than blame! Have a great day everybody!

The Caring Kind Of Anger?

I’ve come to the definite conclusion that anger is a direct result of selfishness. If I’m angry, I’m being selfish… & there are no exceptions to this universal Law of Life. I used to believe that I got mad at people because I cared too much… I didn’t want to see them unhappy. But anger NEVER comes from Love or caring or kindness. You not doing what’s right is somehow going to negatively affect “MY” happiness… that’s the Truth behind the false front of “I care too much.” The goal for today: show how much I care, with Love… not anger! Have a great day everybody!

Even If You Don’t Believe

“God gave us brains to use” ~Anon. I wasn’t very good at using the brains God gave me – lol. Most of my thinking was selfish, resentful, dishonest & afraid… & that was causing me to have relationship troubles, emotional problems, financial difficulties, etc. I had no self-esteem & I was flat out afraid to make decisions & think for myself. And when I let others tell me how to think, feel & act… that didn’t go well either. The goal for today: ask God to direct your thinking (even if you don’t believe in Him); who knows… you just might have a moment of clarity! Have a great day everybody!