People… or Principles?

I don’t really believe in or follow people, because I have found that following Principles is a far more effective method of finding and experiencing the Truth. I have fallen in Love with the teachings of Christ, that most people claiming to be Christians don’t know or follow. I am convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the 12 steps of A.A. will solve all problems… and equally convinced that the vast majority of people in A.A. have no idea the true meaning of said steps. I believe wholeheartedly in the two party political system in America, but have zero faith in politicians ability to unselfishly practice it. The goal for today: don’t blame God for the problems of the church, don’t blame A.A. for the problems of the fellowship, and don’t blame democracy for problems caused by politicians… find, fortify and follow Principles & succeed at everything! Have a great day everybody!

The Fullness of Moderation

Wise people do things in moderation; foolish people do things in excess. I have found that this idea applies to absolutely everything in life. If I excessively pursue money, I will end up either broke, miserable, or both. If I excessively pursue women, I will end up alone, miserable, or both. If I excessively pursue reputation, I will end up discredited, miserable, or both. It applies to positives as well. If I spend so much time praying that I never go out and actually do God’s work, that can turn bad too… for after all, faith without works is dead. The goal for today: know that moderation is what makes Life full! Have a great day everybody!

Love Yourself

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another” ~John 13:34. It seems we have rewritten this simple and clearly written statement to read more like this: screw everybody else… just love yourself. Self love can ONLY come as a direct result of loving others. I can personally guarantee you that loving yourself, whilst having a blatant disregard for the welfare of others, will definitely, definitely, definitely not make you feel loved; and I can make that guarantee because I’ve tried both. The goal for today: give Love out freely and genuinely to others, without any strings attached, and then self love will take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!


“Narrow is the path that leads to life, and few there be that find it” ~Jesus. I believe there to be 2 main paths in life. The one that contains our defects of character and leads to all of our troubles; and the one that contains our strengths of character and leads to all of our triumphs. When my fear causes internal dishonesty, selfishness and resentment… I am on the path to destruction. When I do the Right things, for the Right reasons, tell myself the Truth, give freely of myself to others and Love others unconditionally… I am on the path that leads to Life. The goal for today: choose your path, take full responsibility for that choice… and be one of the few that finds “IT”! Have a great day everybody!

Real… or Appearance?

“Judge not by appearances, but judge righteous judgement” ~JC. Many years ago I received some military training that basically taught me how to see things for what they “really” are… rather than just what they “appear” to be; a skill set that I lean pretty heavily on in my daily life these days. When I’m trying to help people, I need to be able to see what their problem is, even when they can’t. If I want to prevent myself from being harmed by others, I have to know the truth about them and their motives, even when they don’t. If I want to be Happy in this life, I need to be a realist, I need to “know” the Truth, I need to pay attention, remain in the present… and give Love intelligently. The goal for today: Righteousness! Have a great day everybody!

Give It Always

Let us embrace the true miracle of the holiday season… the power of giving. Let us also embrace the truest gift of them all… Love. When we give Love, that’s when the miracle happens, that’s when the world is redeemed, that’s when hearts and minds are filled with the one thing that matters most. To me this holiday stands as a strong reminder that the power of giving is far greater than the gift of getting… and the hope that it sets that tone for the year to come. The goal for today: give Love, give it intelligently, give it freely, give it to everyone, and be sure to give it always! Have a great day everybody… and have a very Merry Christmas!

Love Yourself?

When you’re on an airplane, they strongly suggest that if the oxygen masks deploy, you should put yours on first. They don’t say that because they like you more than everybody else, or because you are the most important person on the plane; they say it because everyone on the plane is equally important and you can’t help anyone else if you can’t breathe. If I don my oxygen mask because my life is more valuable to me than anyone else’s, I might survive… but guilt and shame will be my lot. If I put my mask on and immediately turn to help the next person… I can survive and feel good about myself. The goal for today: know that “Love thy neighbor as thyself” doesn’t mean look out for #1… it means get your shit together specifically so you can be more helpful & useful to others! Have a great day everybody!


I was recently told a tragic story. A story about the death of a child, a family crushed by grief, and a guilty conscience with only one hope for healing. A child was lost to a medical mishap, a father blames himself and deeply resents the attendee. At the same time every year this family is destroyed again by the memory of this tragedy; the other children have been robbed of their opportunity to be happy; and a young nurse lives every second of every day in guilt and shame over their mistake. How can such a terrible situation ever be overcome? The answer is singular, pointed, and profoundly powerful! It is a one word answer… and it is undeniably the ONLY way! That one word is Forgiveness. The goal for today: forgive them that have brought you pain, forgive yourself, forgive everyone… and set every living soul free! Have a great day everybody!

Over-analyze To Simplify

About 15 years ago, when my life was falling apart, I gave myself the “change or die” ultimatum. I chose “change” & immediately set out on a mission to find out what exactly needed to change… how exactly to make that change… & how exactly to make that change stick. I happened upon this 600 page book that really appealed to me & made sense to me. I read it & reread it, I studied it, analyzed it, read it with others, practiced the things it said to… & at the end of my so called “over-analysis”… I found that every word, in every sentence, on every page, in every chapter, all lead to this one simple instruction; stop being selfish! The goal for today: Altruism… or the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!

Who’s Father…

Our father (not our slave master), which art in heaven (not in earth), hallowed be Thy name (He is all or nothing.) Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven (it’s our job to manifest God’s will here in earth). Give us this day our daily bread (are basic needs will be met if we do His work well), and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us (not forgive me & maybe I will forgive others later). And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (self-will leads to evil & temptation… God’s will will never lead us anywhere other than heaven). The goal for today: I’m gonna try to live the prayer… not just recite it! Have a great day everybody! Happy Father’s Day!