Destroy Your Enemies

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them” ~Abraham Lincoln. Abe was a profoundly spiritual guy & we would all do well to learn a few things from him. If I fight with my enemies, the war rages on. If I love my enemies, the war is over… at least for me. We have to stop hating people… we have to stop trying to rule over people… we need to learn how to love our enemies. Harboring hate & anger is like dumping gas on a fire. We give power to our enemies by hating them. We are keeping them alive by giving them our attention. The goal for today: destroy my enemies with love! Have a great day everybody!


Don’t Justify Anger… Eliminate It

There is no law that says ‘I must be angry if someone wrongs me’… but there is one that says ‘Love your enemies’… so whoever told us that justified anger is ok… lied!

An internal fear is what causes anger, not other peoples actions, so when I feel anger coming on… I want to immediately ask myself ‘what am I afraid of?’.

Not only will this keep me from getting angry… but it might help me overcome a fear, which is key in solving problems & finding happiness.

The goal for today, DO NOT justify my anger… eliminate it!

Have a great day everybody!