Retake Control Of Your Life

“The meek shall inherit the earth” When I hit bottom… & there was nowhere left to go but up, my mind opened… I let God in & He taught me how to retake control of my life. My peace of mind, my sanity & serenity, my kindness & compassion, my patience & tolerance… all of these things came back! And now that they are back… I have devoted my life to helping others reach this same goal. The goal for today: know that There is a Solution, to any & all problems, & it’s yours for the taking if you want it enough! Have a great day everybody!


Meek & Humble

There were things that I refused to believe, because believing them would involve me admitting I was wrong.

It wasn’t until I became willing to admit that I was wrong, that I began to really see the Truth.

With an open mind, I can see the Truth about me… the Truth about you & the Truth about the world around us.

I can solve problems… help you solve problems & maybe even avoid some problems.

The goal for today, open my mind… practice humility & gain immensely in Peace & Freedom!

Have a great day everybody!

Feel The Bible

Having an in depth understanding of Latin doesn’t necessarily make one an expert in biblical writings… you have to be able to ‘FEEL’ the words to truly understand them.

Example: Emmet Fox says that the word ‘meek’ in the bible means ‘Open Mindedness’ & I get it… when I hit bottom, my mind opens… I become willing to believe things that I previously couldn’t believe & that’s when I begin to inherit the earth or gain control of my own life.

The goal for today, ‘FEEL’ the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!

The Turning Point

The Absolute turning point in my life was when I became willing to believe in a Power Greater than myself. My life was coming apart at the seems & a friend, who knew that God was the solution to my problems but also knew that I was vehemently against the idea of God, asked me a brief series of questions that forever changed my life.

My Friend: Look out the window… did you create all of this?
Me: No.
My Friend: Could you have created all of this?
Me: Of course not.
My Friend: Then something more powerful than you did… right?
Me: Yeah… that makes sense. I think you just tricked me into believing in God.

This very simple, base level realization, opened the door to bigger & better things. It opened my mind in regards to God & therefore made many things possible that I had previously deemed impossible. It changed my whole attitude & outlook on life!

“Meekness is a combination of open mindedness & faith in God” ~Emmet Fox. And we all know what happens to the meek… they inherit the earth!

The goal for today, be open minded, especially when it comes to God!

Have a great day everybody!