Nothing Matters More

Emmet Fox once said that “contemplation is the highest form of prayer.” In other words: if you think… you pray. And more importantly… what you’re thinking about, is what you’re praying for. Most people don’t believe in the power of the mind… even when they say they do. But I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep tabs on our thinking. Our thoughts, in a very literal sense, are building the world around us… so if our world sucks, it’s because our thinking sucks. The goal for today: do whatever it takes to keep my thoughts positive, because in the end… it is the thought that matters most! Have a great day everybody!


Thought + Emotion = Outcome

“Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so” ~Shakespeare. Everything that happens in our lives is a result of attaching an emotion to a thought. When things happen to us, we subconsciously attach an emotion & that choice of emotion dictates the affect that the event has on our physical lives. Example: if I lose my job & CHOOSE to believe it is a bad thing… then it becomes a bad thing & has a negative affect on my life. If I attach a positive emotion & CHOOSE to view it as a new opportunity… then it becomes a good thing & has a positive affect on my life. The goal for today: CHOOSE positive emotions! Have a great day everybody!


“What you think upon grows” ~Emmet Fox. For some reason I refused to believe that it could be that simple. If I think about misery, depression & unhappiness… that’s what I get. If I think about peace, contentment & happiness… that’s what I get. So the next time someone or something is troubling you… think about something else. I know you are thinking “easier said than done”… but Right thinking is actually a hell of a lot easier! The goal for today: think Right, feel Right, act Right… in that order! Have a great day everybody!


A Principle is an infallible, unbreakable Law of Life.

Here are some of the Principles that I have learned (usually the hard way)…

1) We can’t be selfish & Happy.

2) Anger ALWAYS comes from fear.

3) We can’t do Good & feel bad.

4) We can’t do bad & feel Good.

5) We can’t get until we give.

6) We can’t fix it if we won’t admit it.

7) We can’t fix anger with anger.

The goal for today: know that these Laws are etched in Stone… & working with them, rather than against them, is guaranteed to lead to Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!

Think & Feel

“Whatever I think, I feel… & I would much rather feel good” ~Jenn Coleman. 

This can be confusing, but once we get it, it changes our lives for the better, from start to finish. 

If I want to feel Right… I have to think Right first. Our thoughts control our emotions & our emotions control our actions. 

Thinking about helping others, feels good & when I feel good about the Right thought, it makes it much easier to physically go & do it. 

The goal for today: let God direct my thinking, let Right thinking bring good feelings & let good feelings ensure Right actions! 

Have a great day everybody!

I Nearly Thought Myself To Death

If I’m thinking about the past for any reason other than attempting to help someone, I will end up depressed. 

If I’m thinking about the future for any reason other than attempting to help someone, I will end up with anxiety. 

It took me a long time to get this Right. 

I spent about 20 yrs thinking myself to death & missing out on Life. 

My screwed up thinking robbed me of all of my Happiness & Usefulness. 

The goal for today: think about Life & all that I can potentially contribute to it! 

Have a great day everybody!


I was convinced that I wanted things that I didn’t really want. 

I thought I wanted to be angry… but I didn’t. 

I thought I wanted to be lazy… but I didn’t. 

I thought I wanted to turn my brain off… but I didn’t. 

All I really want is to be Happy… & all I have to do to achieve that goal is care about other people. 

Helping others is what we all really want to do. 

The goal for today: I want to Love people… pull my weight & use the brains that God gave me! 

Have a great day everybody!