If I base my love life on the fear of being alone… I will end up emotionally bankrupt. If I base my work life on the fear of running out of money… I will end up financially bankrupt. If I base my social life on the fear of what other people think of me… I will end up socially bankrupt. Our fear based motives are causing all of our troubles, and the only way to fix it is to do the opposite. The goal for today: base my love life on giving love; base my work life on giving 100% to my work, my co-workers & the customers; base my social life on giving love & respect to those around me… & watch as my cup runneth over! Have a great day everybody!



You know the Truth… right? Everybody “thinks” they know the Truth… but do we really? I have found that there is a big difference between Honesty & Truth: Honesty is what I believe to be True… but the Truth is True whether I believe it or not. The real Truth will always prove itself by physically manifesting into what it must be. For example: I very honestly told myself that I wanted to quit smoking on thousands of occasions, but I didn’t stop… which PROVES I was not telling myself the Truth. Then one day I said it, meant it & did it… & that’s when it became the Truth. If I have no outward proof that what I believe is the Truth, then it’s not the Truth… even if I believe it to be! The goal for today: prove it! Have a great day everybody!

Pray For Money?

A friend recently asked for prayers because they are experiencing some financial difficulties. That request reminded me of how tricky it can be to learn how to handle money problems from a spiritual standpoint. Just praying for money obviously doesn’t work… I’m sure we’ve all tried that a time or two – lol. And having enough faith that God will provide us with our “daily bread” isn’t always easy… in fact, our poverty stricken world is proof of how hard it can be to have that much faith. When I ask God for help with ANYTHING… He ALWAYS says “Help someone”… & when I listen, miraculous things tend to happen. Either the person I help is able to help me too… or helping them clears the trouble out of my mind so I can clearly see the solution. The goal for today: don’t worry about the basic necessities… but seek God first & all these things will be added unto you ~Matthew 6:31-33. Have a great day everybody!

Trust God

Trusting God was hard for me at first, but once I firmly established exactly what trusting God meant to me… things changed. Every human being that ever existed, or ever will exist, has a Right given to them by God, that no man can ever take away from them… & it’s the Right to believe whatever they want to believe. Once I chose my own conception of God, my life immediately began to improve. Now when I hear the words “Trust God”… it means I can trust that I possess everything I could possibly need to succeed at life; it means that I can & should trust my gut instincts, my intuition & my conscience; it means God can & will help me as long as my motives are Pure & my aim is to be helpful. The goal for today: Trust God! Have a great day everybody!


I frequently talk about the absolute fact that altruism (the unselfish concern for the welfare of others) is an essential part of solving any & all adult problems. Another key component to proper problem solving is self-appraisal. When I have a problem, I too have done something wrong. Even if the other person is more to blame, there is still something going on inside of me that attracted that person to me… or caused me to put myself in a position to be harmed. Changing people, places & things without changing anything about myself… will do nothing but cause me to have the same problems around different people, places & things. The goal for today: change yourself & watch your world change too! Have a great day everybody!

Insist Upon It…

We can be happy regardless of anyone or anything. The world outside of us is not always gonna cooperate with us & treat us the way we would like to be treated & therefore, we should avoid basing our happiness on physical, material things. Yesterday, my day got off to a rough start & a few hours into it… it got much worse. But I knew that helping others was a big part of the solution (because it always is) so I did that… & as a result, I was able to maintain my happiness, peace & freedom, even in the midst of my troubles. The goal for today: rise above, love your neighbor & insist upon inner peace & happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Know… Or Do?

I am not feeling very spiritually fit this morning. Fortunately, this is a somewhat rare occurrence for me these days… but I’m just not feeling it “yet” today. I know exactly what I need to do to fix it, but I have proven to myself many, many times over the years, that there is a big difference between knowing what I need to do… & actually doing it. Any reason that I might give for my negativity that would suggest that it is anybody’s fault other than my own, would be a lie. People, places & things cannot adversely effect my life… unless I let them. The goal for today: don’t just know what you need to do… do it & be at peace! Have a great day everybody!