Do You Know Why?

I feel compelled to encourage people to think… and one of the most important things to think about is why we do the things we do. It is absolutely essential that we get in touch with the true motives behind our actions. When I ask people things like “Why do you think you did that?”… they are usually stumped by the question for a minute, and as I watch the gears churning in their brain, they eventually dream up an answer, that is almost always untrue. It’s time to find out what really makes us tic… and start doing the Right things, for the Right reasons. The goal for today: get in the habit of asking yourself “Why?”… and then clean up those selfish motives! Have a great day everybody!

We’re… or Are?

“God don’t care who you were… only who you are” ~from the movie Cowboys & Aliens. This is a very powerful statement! We are all familiar with the idea of living in the present moment and how essential it is to our peace and contentment. We should all be careful not to spend too much time negatively dwelling on past mistakes, but we have to look at this idea from another angle as well. The other angle is that it also doesn’t matter how much good we did yesterday, because we shouldn’t just kick back and ride the wave of yesterday’s good deeds… we should do good again. The goal for today: don’t dwell on past mistakes & don’t rest content on past good deeds; do what’s right, here & now… because ‘now’ is the only time that matters! Have a great day everybody!

Give Love… Be Happy!

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own” ~Robert A. Heinlein. Hmmmm… is this guy suggesting that real Love is when I put your happiness before my own? The selfish version of love, where I have to get mine first, could not possibly be any more inaccurate or untrue. To love yourself first, is selfish… and selfishness NEVER causes happiness. So let’s start doing this the Right way! Let’s start giving, rather than getting… Loving, rather than demanding that we be loved… and stay focused on what we can contribute to life, rather than complaining about what we’re not getting out of life. The goal for today: make someone else happy and see what real Love feels like! Have a great day everybody!

Hate… or Happiness?

“I will never forgive them!” This is a statement I hear frequently, and the unfortunate truth and reality that comes from this stubborn refusal to forgive… is self-destruction. No one can force you to forgive people, you can fill your heart and mind with all the anger and hatred you want, the only catch is that you must forfeit your own happiness… because it is humanly impossible to be angry and happy simultaneously. If you refuse to forgive, you have sealed your own fate; whereas if you honestly and genuinely do forgive… you set yourself free! The goal for today: don’t destroy yourself and your loved ones with your anger and resentment… learn to forgive and let peace and love refill your heart! Have a great day everybody!

Spiritual Virus

“Selfishness—self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles” ~Anon. Then it says that our selfishness is driven by fear and self-delusion, or internal dishonesty. Coronavirus is our physical problem right now, but selfishness is our spiritual disease… and we are going to have to address this problem at some point. It’s too bad there isn’t a vaccine for selfishness. Oh wait a minute, there actually is a vaccine for selfishness… I think it’s called Unselfishness! It is time for us to cure our spiritual disease and the best medicine for this ailment is to Love your neighbor. The goal for today: altruism… the Unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!


Our motives can only come from 1 of 2 places: Good or evil… Right or wrong… Purity or fear. What that means is that when we are asked, or ask ourselves, “why did you do that?”… we can only end up with 1 of those 2 answers. When we get into these extremely long-winded explanations of why we did what we did, it is usually a good sign that we know our motive was wrong (based in fear)… and we are desperately trying to find a justifier. Before every thought, feeling or action, there is a motive… and if you ask yourself “why?” enough times, you will find your true ambition. The goal for today: know that Pure motives always turn out good… fear based motives always turn out bad… and that we always have a choice to learn the easy way, or the hard way! Have a great day everybody!

Random… or Genuine?

Random acts of kindness are great… but genuine acts of kindness are even better. If my kindness isn’t genuine, then it isn’t real… and if it isn’t real, does it really matter how random it is? I had to start analyzing my motives. Why am I being kind to this person? What am “I” hoping to get out of this? Am I really doing it for their sake… or do I have a hidden agenda? When our kindness is really for personal gain (to get love, reputation or reward) then it isn’t kindness at all… it’s manipulation. The goal for today: make sure that your kindness is genuine and sincere… whether it’s random or not! Have a great day everybody!