Make It Better

“If you treat a man as he is, he will remain as he is. If you treat him as he could & should be… he will become what he could & should be” ~Goethe. Every human being, in the history of mankind, has made a mistake. Should we treat each other based on our mistakes, or should we treat each other with love & kindness… no matter what? Should we use past mistakes to break each other down… or inspire each other to be better & lift each other up? The goal for today: know that when we treat each other Right, the world becomes a better place! Have a great day everybody!



I recently made a mistake & unfortunately, someone else is suffering the consequences. I feel terrible, but feeling bad won’t fix it. Worry, remorse & morbid reflection won’t fix it. Anger & frustration won’t fix it. Fear & tension won’t fix it. There are a shitload of things that won’t fix it… but there is One thing that will. Trust God, clean house & help others. The goal for today: I will ask God’s forgiveness & what corrective measures should be taken… put that measure into action… & place the welfare of the other person ahead of my own! Have a great day everybody!

By Mistake

“Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake” ~idk. 

I’ve been making mistakes my whole life… I’m pretty sure we all have. 

Mistakes happen all the time because we, as human beings, are frequently working in opposition to God’s will & it’s usually because we are mistaken about what it is. 

It’s our job to manifest the will of God here & we usually screw it up. 

The goal for today: stop blaming God for ‘my’ mistakes & stop justifying my mistakes by claiming that it’s normal & natural for me to be a screw up! 

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Condone & Don’t Condemn

We judge ourselves & punish ourselves very harshly sometimes. 

It’s ok to make mistakes… It’s just not ok to decide that we are never going to fix them. 

Any mistake can be corrected & forgiven… so I want to make sure that the punishment fits the crime, so to speak. 

Don’t give yourself life in prison for something that only deserves probation. 

The goal for today: don’t condone, but don’t condemn… spot, admit & correct my mistakes! 

Have a great day everybody!

Learn Before My Mistakes

If I’m Honest with myself about living Right, there’s no need to ask why I’m having a problem.

I was told that God gives us problems to teach us things & to test our faith & I refuse to believe that.

My problems are a direct result of me thinking that my way is better than God’s.

I can & should learn from my mistakes, but wouldn’t it be better to learn before my mistakes?

That’s what God really wants for us.

The goal for today: let God direct my thinking & maybe it won’t end up in the wrong place to begin with!

Have a great day everybody!