Don’t “look out for #1”… Look Out For Everyone

“A man cannot help himself, except by helping others” ~Anon. Modern day society has a tendency to encourage selfishness; it suggests we look out for #1… grab for everything you can get ‘cause you only live once… only love those who treat you right… etc… etc… me… me… me. It’s Memorial Day & I thank God for the brave souls that made the ultimate sacrifice & laid down their lives for ALL of us. I will personally guarantee you that they were not “looking out for #1”… they were looking out for everyone. The goal for today: honor their sacrifice with a small sacrifice of your own & help someone in any way you can… because that’s what life is really about! Have a great day everybody!Happy Memorial Day!

Who’s Really Running Things?

I consider myself a patriot & I recently watched a show that made a statement that moved me to tears. A lawyer gave a speech to a jury reminding them that the only thing more powerful than the federal government is us… “We the people.” I need a reminder like that from time to time, as I sit around waiting for the government to fix all of my problems. It’s not their job to fix my problems… it’s mine! The government isn’t running us… we are running it! It doesn’t tell us what to do… we tell it! This is not about politics… it’s about patriotism & personal responsibility. The goal for today: know that world peace starts at my house… not the White House! Have a great day everybody!

What Moves You?

When we see, hear, or feel something that moves us to tears… we have found something that “really” matters. Money doesn’t move me to tears… houses & cars don’t move me to tears… supermodels don’t move me to tears. People helping people moves me to tears… true patriotism moves me to tears… unconditional love moves me to tears. Now that I know what “really” matters to me… I can get to work on contributing to those things & help the world, rather than just helping myself. The goal for today: tell myself the Truth about what’s really important… contribute to the world… & go help someone! Have a great day everybody!

Thank You!

Veterans Day is about honoring all who have served this great nation. They are men & women who have voluntarily forfeited their own rights & freedoms, in an attempt to protect & defend everyone else’s. They are people who don’t just talk about God & Country… they feel patriotism in the hearts. It is a labor of love that can seldom be expressed in words. Veterans never really ask for anything in return for their service… but just because they didn’t ask, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our respect, honor & appreciation. The goal for today: know that all gave some & some gave all… & that the least we can do is say thank you! Have a great day everybody!Happy Veterans Day… & thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served!


Freedom… Honor… Duty… Peace… & Patriotism. Most of my life, these words didn’t mean much to me… but now they mean everything! We are all free to live a life of respect, for ourselves, others & our world (honor); we have an obligation to help each other & do what’s right (duty)… we have a God given Right to live a life free of hate & anger (peace); and to those who are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to experience all of the above as well… we salute you. The goal for today: independence means that nothing & no one can take these things from us! Have a great day everybody!
Happy Independence Day!


“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” ~Daniel Webster. Our loved & lost were so ready to guard & defend freedom that they laid down their lives for it. They proved through their actions that freedom for all, is infinitely more important than the survival of one. The goal for today: honor our fallen soldiers by applying the same “do or die” approach to our everyday lives. Let us be just as willing to do what’s Right in our states, cities, communities & homes. Let us live by the Happiness, Peace & Freedom that they so courageously gave their lives to provide us with. Today, truly honor their sacrifice by living Right! Happy Memorial Day! Have a great day everybody!

The Right Leader

“I’m Irish, you’re German… but what makes us both Americans is The Constitution” ~from the movie Bridge of Spies. I never get a lot of support on these type of statements, so I thought I might explain. My posts are never political, they are patriotic… there is a difference. In my mind the difference is that The Constitution is the government of God & always good… politics is the government of man & could go either way. The one we choose to follow will dictate the future of this great nation. The goal for today: follow the Right Leader! Have a great day everybody!

Unshakeable Foundation

Once upon a time there was an idea… a dream. That dream was America & it was built on an unshakeable foundation. A foundation of Freedom & even if this entire nation collapses, that foundation will stand strong. My beautiful fiancé got me a book for Easter… The Federalist Papers & it gives us a pretty good idea of how to properly build on top of that foundation. The goal for today: live square & level, fair & just; live balanced & stable, with faith & trust; live in a manner that you earn what you get… & let Freedom be the end result! Have a great day everybody!



Where Courage Lives

“For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.” ~Psalms‬ ‭18:29‬. Where does Strength come from? Where does Courage come from? Where do we find Wisdom, Security, Freedom & Love? All of these things come from a place deep down inside of us all. The place that enables us to do things we aren’t supposed to be able to do. The place that creates the idea that we should never retreat, never surrender, never give in, and never give up. The goal for today: know that that place is your heart… & your heart is God’s home! Have a great day everybody!

Live That Way

Did you ever watch a movie that had such a positive message that it moved you to tears… live that way! Did you ever listen to a song that reminded you of what it feels like to love… live that way! Did you ever stand for the national anthem & feel like the proudest person on earth… live that way! Did you ever completely lose it while watching someone who has nothing, give everything… live that way! Make those moments a reality! The goal for today: find the things that move us most… & live that way! Have a great day everybody!