There is a Pearl Jam song called Footsteps. 

The first couple times through, there is a line that says “if there was a reason… it was you.” 

But the last time through, he finds the Truth & says “if there was a reason… there wasn’t a reason.” 

He has finally come to the conclusion that other people are not to blame for his own troubles. 

There is great power in personal responsibility! 

The goal for today: find real Happiness, Peace & Freedom via personal responsibility! 

Have a great day everybody!

Raise The Shades

“Finally the shades are raised” ~Eddie Vedder.

I love the analogy of raising the shades… letting the Light in & ending the darkness.

I pulled the shades down because I was afraid.

Afraid of people… of the world… hell, I was even afraid of myself at times.

I have this running conversation with a friend that frequently ends with one of us saying… “f*** fear”.

The goal for today: f*** fear… raise the shades & embrace the Love & the Light… the people & the world… the Clarity & the Truth… & come back to Life!

Have a great day everybody!

Blame Who

“And if there’s something you’d like to do… just let me continue to blame you” ~Footsteps by Pearl Jam.

This is a song about spending my whole life blaming everybody else for all of my problems, just to wake up one day & realize that it was nobody’s fault but mine.

The day I admitted ‘I’ was my problem, was the day I began to heal.

Taking responsibility is now, a very important part of my daily life.

If it’s you, I can’t fix it… if it’s me, I can.

The goal for today: know that personal responsibility leads to personal freedom!

Have a great day everybody!