The Heart Never Lies

People lie to us… politicians lie to us… statistics lie to us… appearances lie to us… even our own minds lie to us. 

But our hearts will never lie! 

The heart always tells the Truth… that gut instinct is always right. 

The greatest challenge in life is to learn how to tell the difference between the insanity in my head & the Pure, Absolute Truth in my heart. 

I strive to do whatever it takes to hear the Truth in my heart, over the lies coming from everywhere else. 

The goal for today: The Truth! 

Have a great day everybody!

Surrounded By Negative People?

There are 3 reasons why negative people would want to be around me. 

1) I’m negative too

2) I let them take advantage of me

3) They want to be positive & need my help. 

The Law of Attraction is simple… we are attracted to people who have something we want. 

If it’s negativity… I should fix that.

If it’s me being a doormat… I should fix that too.

If it’s because you want me to help you be positive… I should help.

The goal for today: fully embrace the opportunity to do what we were all put here to do… Love each other! 

Have a great day everybody!

Change From Within

I never eliminate people, places or things from my life. 

I eliminate selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear from my life & then people, places & things take care of themselves. 

Nothing can stay in my life unless it finds something within me that attracts it… so when I’m Right on the inside, things are Right on the outside. 
The goal for today: eliminate the wrongs within & let the without take regard for itself! 
Have a great day everybody!

Raise The Shades

“Finally the shades are raised” ~Eddie Vedder.

I love the analogy of raising the shades… letting the Light in & ending the darkness.

I pulled the shades down because I was afraid.

Afraid of people… of the world… hell, I was even afraid of myself at times.

I have this running conversation with a friend that frequently ends with one of us saying… “f*** fear”.

The goal for today: f*** fear… raise the shades & embrace the Love & the Light… the people & the world… the Clarity & the Truth… & come back to Life!

Have a great day everybody!