Admit… Or Bury?

I made a mistake at work yesterday & my old thinking kicked in. I immediately started looking for someone else’s mistakes, so I could conveniently hide mine beneath theirs. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was doing & I was able to quickly turn it around. I turned my focus, attention & energy toward spotting, admitting & correcting my mistake… rather than trying to bury it & pretend it didn’t happen. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility & humility always feel better & bring better results, than fear & blame! Have a great day everybody!


Do You?

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth? I didn’t. I ran from it for years, trying desperately to escape the idea that I was responsible for all of my problems & that changing myself was the only real solution. I got comfortable with blaming others, blaming genetics, blaming the president… even blaming God if need be. I was hell bent on proving that my misery was outside of my control & there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can see that that was all a lie. The goal for today: know that the Truth is that every one of us is free to be exactly as happy, or miserable as we choose to be! Have a great day everybody!


I once read “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger.” At first I thought this was an incredibly unrealistic goal… but now I get it. They weren’t really saying that I would never again experience anger, but that I would be able to get free of it when it does creep into my life. Today I know the truth about my anger (that it comes from my fear… not the actions of others)… & as a result, it can no longer control me… I’m free. The goal for today: know the truth… address the fear… eliminate anger… & be free! Have a great day everybody!

The Secret Path

I am a firm believer in personal responsibility. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own thoughts, feelings & actions. I believe that blame is a delusion. Once I took responsibility for my own life, some really strange things started happening. I was able to solve some problems that I thought were permanent… I started sleeping better at night… I gained some much needed self-esteem & confidence. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility is the secret path to happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!

You Already Know

There is ALWAYS a solution! There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem & the craziest part of this fact, is that the root cause of the problem, as well as the actual solution, are both already in your own mind. If you sit down & thoroughly write down what you believe the problem is & who or what you believe caused it… you will begin to see your answers. If I pay close attention & I’m willing to see the Truth… I will find that ALL of my answers are already inside of me. The goal for today: pay attention… seek the Truth… take responsibility… & solve my problems! Have a great day everybody!

Blame = Fear

Blame is really just fear. When something goes wrong in my life, I have a tendency to immediately start looking for someone to blame. I want to believe that it is anybody’s fault but my own. Why? Because if it’s my fault that might mean that I’m stupid or weak or useless. But if I can somehow convince myself that it’s your fault, then that makes you stupid, weak or useless & I’m ok with that… you being an idiot doesn’t make me feel bad. The goal for today: if it’s your fault, I will forgive you & help you; if it’s my fault, I will admit it & fix it! Have a great day everybody!


“Where other people were concerned, we had to drop the word “blame” from our speech and thought” ~Anon. I spent most of my life blaming everybody other than myself for all of my problems… & as a result, my life sucked. Now I try to take full responsibility for my thoughts, words & deeds… & here’s why: 1) If it’s your fault, I can’t fix it… I can’t change you 2) Whoever I blame is controlling my life 3) If I assume responsibility, I am back in control… & I can fix it. The goal for today: assume responsibility… & be set Free! Have a great day everybody!