There are 4 aspects to everything we do: spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. Sometimes I get so physically busy that I tend to neglect the others. Sometimes I’m emotionally distraught and it seems impossible to function or even think straight. Sometimes my mind torments me and I wish I could just turn my brain off. And all of these negative things happen when I fail to understand and put into practice the spiritual aspect of life. The goal for today: ask God (spiritual) to direct my thinking (mental), & when He directs it to helping others, I should get excited about the idea (emotional)… then I can function effectively & efficiently (physical). Have a great day everybody!

Thought + Emotion = Outcome

“Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so” ~Shakespeare. Everything that happens in our lives is a result of attaching an emotion to a thought. When things happen to us, we subconsciously attach an emotion & that choice of emotion dictates the affect that the event has on our physical lives. Example: if I lose my job & CHOOSE to believe it is a bad thing… then it becomes a bad thing & has a negative affect on my life. If I attach a positive emotion & CHOOSE to view it as a new opportunity… then it becomes a good thing & has a positive affect on my life. The goal for today: CHOOSE positive emotions! Have a great day everybody!

What’s Really Missing

What’s really missing… God… or a woman? God… or a fortune? God… or a career?

We all have this void inside that can only be filled by God & no matter how many people, places & things we use to try to fill it… nothing else will do.

Nothing else will satisfy the need that we all feel.

There is nothing wrong with having a woman or money or a career… until we make these things more important than God.

The goal for today: make sure that all physical things come 2nd to God!

Have a great day everybody!

Think & Feel

“Whatever I think, I feel… & I would much rather feel good” ~Jenn Coleman. 

This can be confusing, but once we get it, it changes our lives for the better, from start to finish. 

If I want to feel Right… I have to think Right first. Our thoughts control our emotions & our emotions control our actions. 

Thinking about helping others, feels good & when I feel good about the Right thought, it makes it much easier to physically go & do it. 

The goal for today: let God direct my thinking, let Right thinking bring good feelings & let good feelings ensure Right actions! 

Have a great day everybody!


I was convinced that I wanted things that I didn’t really want. 

I thought I wanted to be angry… but I didn’t. 

I thought I wanted to be lazy… but I didn’t. 

I thought I wanted to turn my brain off… but I didn’t. 

All I really want is to be Happy… & all I have to do to achieve that goal is care about other people. 

Helping others is what we all really want to do. 

The goal for today: I want to Love people… pull my weight & use the brains that God gave me! 

Have a great day everybody!

Triggers & Temptations

There are many theories about things like triggers & temptations that cause us to do things that we shouldn’t do. 

We talk about the effect that our environment has on us & we basically claim that our lives are not under our own control. 

None of this it true! 

Triggers & temptations are wrong thoughts… & I can change them. 

Letting my past control my present is a wrong thought & I can change that too. 

The goal for today: think like a sane person… feel like a sane person & then I can act like a sane person! 

Have a great day everybody!

Aim To Be Helpful

“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon.

All I ever want to do is help people!

I ask God to help me be helpful to you.

I think about helping you.

I feel really good about the idea of helping you.

And once I’ve prayed about it… thought it through… & feel good about the path I’ve chosen… then I should physically carry out the act of being helpful.

Whether it’s face to face… through these writings… or indirectly when the people I help, help others… I always try to be helpful.

The goal for today: aim to be helpful!

Have a great day everybody!