Political… Social… Spiritual

If I had to choose one of these three, which would it be?

Politically correct… where I’m encouraged to lie to you to avoid hurting your feelings.

Socially acceptable… where I lie to you for fear that you won’t accept me for who I am.

Or Spiritually fit… where I think, speak & act the Right way, for all the Right reasons.

I’m choosing spiritual… not only is it the Right thing to do, but it makes the other two completely unnecessary.

The goal for today: set the bar for my conduct on God’s standards… no one else’s!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Just Tell Me What I Want To Hear

Do you wonder why no one tells the Truth anymore… why it’s so hard to trust anyone?

We can’t tell each other what we really think because it might hurt their feelings.

So here is the dilemma… would I rather be lied to & live in ignorance… or be told the Truth & learn to cope with it like an adult?

Being over sensitive is just as bad as being insensitive… there is a happy medium.

The goal for today, know that the Truth, even if it stings a little, is in our best interest… don’t fear it… embrace it… learn from it… Love it!

Have a great day everybody!