Positive Focus

“Nothing is impossible” ~Andrew Carnegie. This is the kind of thinking that moves mountains! Andrew Carnegie, the one time Steel King of America, was a cutthroat businessman & not always the most ethical guy in the world. However, I must say, that his never say die attitude was the type of thing that catapulted this country on a path of forward progress, like nothing this world had ever seen before. I like to take the stories of the people that built this country & focus on the positive aspects of them, rather than the negative. We can focus on their mistakes & get nowhere… or we can focus on their triumphs & lift the whole world up! And maybe we can even start looking for the good in ourselves & everybody else around us today too. The goal for today: don’t focus on people’s mistakes… focus on the good they’ve done; and if they haven’t done any… pray for them! Have a great day everybody!


The Formula For Achieving Any Goal!

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal” ~Thomas Jefferson. For example: if I want to quit smoking, I need the Right mental attitude. I should do it because it’s the Right thing to do… not because I “have” to. I have to tell myself the Truth… that there are exactly zero positive benefits to doing it. I need to set my mind on helping others… rather than helping myself. And if I can get those Right… then I can claim to be living based on the Love of Life for all. The goal for today: know that with Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love… we can achieve anything! Have a great day everybody!

Harder… Or Easier?

Someone asked me why their life was getting harder now that they were trying to live Right. When we are living wrong, we can’t face our problems, so they piled up on us; but when we are trying to live Right, we are more prepared to face them & handle them. So if you are trying to put your life back together & it seems to be getting harder instead of easier… hang in there, it’s just a phase of your development & if you stay the course, you will win out & it will get easier. The goal for today: keep going, because in the eye of the storm lies perfect peace! Have a great day everybody!

Seek Good

We find what we seek! If all you look for in a person is their faults… that is all you will find. It’s not a coincidence that we feel bad, when all we seek is bad. If we seek negativity, we are sure to find it & once we find it, we tend to blame it on others… but it’s our own damn fault. I know how cliché it sounds, but we really, really need to start looking for the good in people… the good in each other… the good in ourselves… the good in the world. There is good in EVERYONE… even those who aren’t acting like it at the moment. The goal for today: seek good! Have a great day everybody!

Today Is The Day

You can think about whatever you want right now. Nothing & no one can force you to think about things that make you feel bad. In fact… even if you must think about something unpleasant, you aren’t obligated to feel bad about it. We seem to be trapped in the false belief that under certain circumstances we MUST feel miserable or depressed. I spent most of my life letting negative thinking push me around, but when it finally pushed me to the breaking point… I pushed back! The goal for today: let today be the day you reclaim control of your life… & choose to be happy! Have a great day everybody!

Even When It’s Ugly

Last nights speaking engagement was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It wasn’t amazing because of me… it was amazing because I got to share the Truth with a room full of amazing people, that were incredibly open minded. I stood up, with mic in hand, told everyone that they are selfish… & they were happy to hear it. That’s how I know that this amazing group of people are honestly & genuinely seeking the Truth. The goal for today: let the Truth (even when it’s ugly) positively affect you… let it set you Free! Have a great day everybody!

The Cure

Negativity is like a disease… & when left untreated, it tends to spread & get progressively worse. Fortunately, there is a cure to this disease… positivity! We can only have one conscious thought at a time & if we consistently focus on positives, it becomes habitual, infiltrates the subconscious & becomes the norm. The best way to avoid negativity is to be in constant pursuit of positivity. The goal for today: practice positivity as a cure… it will heal your ailing heart & ease your worried mind! Have a great day everybody!