Harder… Or Easier?

Someone asked me why their life was getting harder now that they were trying to live Right. When we are living wrong, we can’t face our problems, so they piled up on us; but when we are trying to live Right, we are more prepared to face them & handle them. So if you are trying to put your life back together & it seems to be getting harder instead of easier… hang in there, it’s just a phase of your development & if you stay the course, you will win out & it will get easier. The goal for today: keep going, because in the eye of the storm lies perfect peace! Have a great day everybody!



“If trouble comes, cheerfully capitalize it as an opportunity to demonstrate His omnipotence” ~Anon. I’m not saying it’s easy… & I’m not saying I practice it perfectly. But I am saying it’s possible… & that it works perfectly when practiced. Every problem has an upside… every problem is an opportunity… every problem gives us a chance to rise above… & every problem solved, makes us more helpful & useful to others. The goal for today: stop viewing problems as problems… & start viewing them as opportunities! Have a great day everybody!

Give Or Get?

I never have problems when I’m giving freely of myself to others. I almost always have problems when I’m trying to get what I want from others. Selfishness causes problems… selflessness solves them. I have learned to pay close attention to my own defects of character when I’m having trouble… because I actually want to fix my problems & blaming you makes that impossible. The goal for today: be responsible… & know that trouble comes when I make getting more important than giving! Have a great day everybody!

Cause – Effect – Manifestation

Cause – Effect – Manifestation

This is a vitally important thing to understand because when I fail to understand this, I begin to blame God for things that are not caused by Him. The analogy I like to use to explain this is an air conditioner. What is the singular purpose of an air conditioner? To create a comfortable climate. How does it work? The compressor (God or Cause) has one & only one purpose… to create cold air. Once the compressor creates that cold air, then it has to pass through the filter (People or Effect) & then it gets pumped out into the room, as it was originally intended, & the end result is a cool, comfortable room (Outcome or Manifestation).
But what if I don’t keep my filter clean? Well, then the cold air becomes corrupt & doesn’t get pressed out into the room as it was originally intended… no more cold air! The vitally important point here is that God didn’t decide to punish me because I was undeserving of the cold air… the cold air stopped because I didn’t clean my filter. God isn’t dealing out punishment… I am very simply suffering the consequences of my own actions. God’s will is purely good & then I screw it up. The goal for today, if I see something bad happening… clean my filter & restore God’s good intention! Have a great day everybody!