The Only Path

I have finally learned how to Love myself… & it happened at the most unexpected time & in the most unexpected way. It happened when I was at my lowest… & it happened when I put the welfare of others ahead of my own. The only way for anyone to truly Love themselves is to give freely of themselves to others. It’s a bit of a paradox, but the only time I don’t Love myself is when I don’t care about you. Who of us could possibly Love ourselves if we don’t care about anybody else. The goal for today: know that unselfishness is the ONLY path to Love! Have a great day everybody!


What Will You Choose?

I want to be happy today… so when something negative happens, I will give it my compassion for a moment & then turn my thoughts, feelings & actions back to something positive… preferably, helping others. Happiness truly is a choice & we prove that to ourselves frequently. For example: some days my morning commute is miserable because I “choose” to focus on negatives & I quickly get frustrated. Other days it’s calm & relaxed, because I “choose” to think about positives. The goal for today: choose happiness… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!


“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves… but what’s the best way to do that? I spent 18 years “looking out for #1” and my life sucked… I was unhappy & nothing ever seemed to turn out right. I spent the last 13 putting others first (to the best of my ability) and life has gotten infinitely better… I feel happiness & peace more often than not. The goal for today: do my best to put the welfare of others ahead of my own… because when I put God 1st, you 2nd & me 3rd, things seem to turn out Right! Have a great day everybody!

The Reason

They say everything happens for a reason… & I say the reason is our thinking. We all have 2 types of thinking… conscious & subconscious. Conscious thoughts happen one at a time & we are aware of them… we know these thoughts are happening. Subconscious thoughts are many & they take place behind the scenes… we are usually unaware of them & that is a major problem. Bad things happen, because bad thoughts happen. Most people don’t believe it because they are unaware of their negative subconscious thoughts. The goal for today: practice positive thinking & retake control of your Life! Have a great day everybody!

Time Well Spent

What would be a better way to utilize my time… bitching about the government, or loving my neighbor? Which would be more productive… complaining about my life, or helping someone else? How should I treat someone who has wronged me… with anger & hatred, or patience & tolerance? We all know what we should be doing… maybe it’s time for us to start doing it. The goal for today: stop drowning in negatives & do what I KNOW in my heart is Right… the world needs more of that! Have a great day everybody!

Right Thinking

“Whatever you give your attention to will come into your life and dominate it” ~Emmet Fox. Our thinking is far more powerful than we could ever imagine. If I end up cranky, unhappy, or angry today… it will be because I gave my attention to those things. It is humanly impossible to be angry without first “thinking” about anger. So here is a crazy idea… why don’t we try to think about positive things. The goal for today: think about peace, happiness & helping others… because that is the best way to guarantee you have a positive day! Have a great day everybody!

Simply Profound

“The truth is profound; not obscure” ~Unknown. This fact has changed my life! I thought life was full of questions that an average guy like me couldn’t possible answer or even understand. Happily, I’m here to tell the world that that’s not the case. The real Truth & the facts of Life, are not complex & complicated; you don’t need a genius level IQ to understand Life & how it all works. People like Einstein, Newton & Galileo weren’t smart because they had high IQ’s… they were smart because they used common sense. In fact, Goethe (220 IQ), said “Common sense is the genius of humanity.” The goal for today: let simplicity & common sense lead us to the profoundly powerful Truth that the only thing that really matters is that we give Love to each other! Have a great day everybody!