Dictate Your Terms… Not Their Actions

There is a difference between telling people how to act… & dictating how they treat me. I don’t tell people what they can & can’t do… but I do tell them what I can & can’t put up with. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make in life is that we demand that people act the way we want them to, basically claiming that we can’t get what we want or need out of life if they don’t. People won’t do what I say, just because I said so. And more importantly… it’s actually a lie that I can’t be happy unless you treat me a certain way. I don’t set boundaries for other people to adhere to… I set boundaries for me to follow in order to not put myself in a position to be harmed by others. The goal for today: dictate my terms… not other people’s actions! Have a great day everybody!


Like Attracts Like

I knew a couple that one of them put the family first & the other put themselves first. That means that one of them was selfless & the other selfish… & that’s why they are no longer together. The theory that opposites attract is only true in regard to our less important traits, like what kind of music you like. But the Law of Attraction focuses on human nature, which applies to ALL of us, regardless of personality. A selfless person & a selfish person, who both intend to stay the way they are, cannot permanently & peacefully co-exist. The goal for today: know the Law! Have a great day everybody!

Quid Pro Quo

“Love will never look for a quid pro quo” ~Emmet Fox. There is no worse feeling in the world than giving love, expecting to get it in return & being let down. How can we avoid this problem? Should we stop giving love? Should we stop having expectations? Or maybe we should fully understand that giving anything with a motive of getting something in return is always a bad idea… & should never be called love. The goal for today: give love because it’s the right thing to do… not because I want something from you! Have a great day everybody!

Just Give Love

I was recently talking to a friend who was looking for relationship advice. Things weren’t going smoothly for him & he couldn’t figure out why. He explained that she seemed to have all the attributes on his checklist, but something still didn’t feel right. Here was my advice… throw the checklist away… stop wondering if she is right for you… & just “GIVE” love. If I give love freely to my significant other & let the Law of Attraction do its job… I can’t go wrong & relationships are easy. The goal for today: just “GIVE” love! Have a great day everybody!

Consistency Brings Balance

Balance is a profoundly important aspect of life… & sometimes it can be confusing. For example: my love life should be balanced, but what does that really mean? Should I love more… or less? I have gone from falling head over heels in love & getting hurt… to saying “I will never love again” & feeling hopelessly alone. Avoiding these extremes isn’t about “more or less”… it’s about consistency. Consistently giving love out to others will bring balance to any relationship. The goal for today: love unconditionally & wholeheartedly! Have a great day everybody!


Do yourself & those around you a favor & forgive someone today. We tend to view forgiveness as some sort of submissive act, but it’s quite the opposite. There is no greater show of strength & courage than forgiveness. Being a big enough person to forgive is a very powerful demonstration of strength. I have witnessed acts of forgiveness that some wouldn’t even believe. The goal for today: forgive the person who has wronged you most in life… & watch your strength bring peace to all who see it! Have a great day everybody!

Do I Want You To Be Happy?

A conversation about a relationship problem went like this…

A friend: You want her to be happy… right?

Me: Of course I do!

A friend: But God forbid it be without you!

Well, needless to say, that was quite a slap in the face… but he was right.

The only regard I had for her happiness, was the affect it might have on mine.

Today I can Honestly say that I want everyone to be happy whether I will directly benefit from it or not.

The goal for today: know that I really like myself… when I put your happiness first!

Have a great day everybody!