Two Wrongs…

What is your first instinct when someone makes a mistake, or wrongs you in some way? Is it to call or message everyone you know to tell them what a screw up that person is? And why do you think you are so anxious to do that? Do you think making them look bad will somehow make you look good? Does it make you feel like you are better than them? And let me ask you this: have you thought about the damage your slanderous gossip is doing to everyone involved? Do you really think it’s a good idea to poison the hearts & minds of others with your resentments? The goal for today: remember that two wrongs don’t make a right & try a slightly more adult approach to life! Have a great day everybody!


Life is not the mystery we’ve made it out to be; it is not some sort of unsolvable riddle; and most importantly… we are not just along for the ride. Life is simple & straightforward; full of facts & realities; and we most certainly hold our destiny in our own hands. Most of what I see & hear from people is the false belief that life is happening to us; but the Truth is that we mold our own destiny by our thinking. If I think about fear, dishonesty, selfishness & resentment… life turns negative. If I think about Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love… life turns positive. The goal for today: don’t confuse the hell out of life… just do what I know in my heart is Right! Have a great day everybody!


“What you think upon grows” ~Emmet Fox. For some reason I refused to believe that it could be that simple. If I think about misery, depression & unhappiness… that’s what I get. If I think about peace, contentment & happiness… that’s what I get. So the next time someone or something is troubling you… think about something else. I know you are thinking “easier said than done”… but Right thinking is actually a hell of a lot easier! The goal for today: think Right, feel Right, act Right… in that order! Have a great day everybody!

Get Right… & Stay Right

In order to get Right & stay Right… I have to learn how to think Right & feel Right.

We get Right by following our Heart & we stay Right by helping others follow their Heart.

In between, we must think & feel Right.

What does that mean?

It means if I have to choose between helping someone & watching football… I have to look at helping others as the Right thing to do & feel Good about doing it.

If helping others feels bad… we have a problem.

The goal for today: let your Heart tell you mind that helping others feels Right… & then do it!

Have a great day everybody!

Recurring Fear

My anger doesn’t come from other people’s actions… it is a direct result of a recurring fear.

Example: if my girlfriend cheats on me, I don’t get mad because she cheated, I get mad because I have a fear of being alone, a fear that I can’t trust people & a fear of how others will view me.

What’s awesome about this realization is that once I KNOW it to be true… I can never be hurt by that circumstance again.

That doesn’t mean it can’t happen again… but it can’t hurt me again.

The goal for today: know the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!


I am here to help! 

Even if you don’t deserve it… I’m here to help. 

Even if you are hopeless… I’m here to help. 

Even if you’ve wronged me… I’m here to help. 

Even if you’ve failed before… I’m here to help. 

I never give up on anybody… if you ask for help, I’ll give you help. 

The only catch is that I only have one kind of help to offer. 

The goal for today: give help & get help the Right way… because removing selfishness, resentment, dishonesty, & fear, is the solution to all problems! 

Have a great day everybody!

If It Doesn’t Bring Happiness… Get Rid Of It

Yesterday I said that complaining never brought me any happiness.

Well, here are a few more things that never brought me any happiness.

Fear… it made me a slave to whatever I was afraid of.

Dishonesty… it always made my fears worse.

Selfishness… it drove many good people & situations out of my life.

Resentment… no matter how justified, it was always destructive.

The goal for today: put my best effort into being Pure, Honest, Selfless, Loving & Happy!

Have a great day everybody!