Do You?

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth? I didn’t. I ran from it for years, trying desperately to escape the idea that I was responsible for all of my problems & that changing myself was the only real solution. I got comfortable with blaming others, blaming genetics, blaming the president… even blaming God if need be. I was hell bent on proving that my misery was outside of my control & there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can see that that was all a lie. The goal for today: know that the Truth is that every one of us is free to be exactly as happy, or miserable as we choose to be! Have a great day everybody!

What Feels Better… Blame Or Responsibility?

Blame is a funny thing. I always “think” it will make me feel better if I can prove that my problems are somebody else’s fault… but it NEVER works. Blaming others doesn’t fix anything, doesn’t make me feel better, drives people out of my life… & makes me a slave to people, places & things. Personal responsibility on the other hand, is the first step in solving any problem, brings instant healing, draws people to me… & absolutely sets me free. The goal for today: know that responsibility ALWAYS feels better than blame! Have a great day everybody!

My Feelings… My Fears… My Fault

Feelings require the consent of the feeler. What the hell does that mean? When people wrong me, I get to choose how I’m going to feel about it. Most of the world doesn’t believe that… but it is an absolute fact & we have proven it to ourselves many, many times in life. When someone wrongs me & I get upset, it actually isn’t their actions that upset me… it’s the fact that their actions, unearthed my fears. When I feel bad, it’s because I choose to… not because you made me. The goal for today: if someone wrongs me, or tries to make me feel bad… I simply won’t allow it! Have a great day everybody!

The Truth

Most of my life I had absolutely NO desire to know the truth. Without realizing it, I was afraid that the truth was going to cause all sorts of things to happen that I “thought” I didn’t want to happen. It meant I was going to have to change… & change is scary. I was afraid the truth was going to make me take responsibility for all of my own thoughts, feelings & actions. It meant I would finally have to admit that my problems were my fault… not yours. These all sounded like bad things until I did finally embrace the truth… then change & responsibility became very attractive commodities. The goal for today: the Truth! Have a great day everybody!

Do What You Love

If my heart is in it… my mind will design it… my soul will embrace it… & my back will build it. If you are fortunate enough to find that one thing in life that you love with your whole heart, that flows through your veins, that permeates your entire being… then please go & do it! The world needs more of that! We need less “this is what I have to do”… & more “this is what I love to do!” The goal for today: be responsible & fulfill your needs… by doing what you love! Have a great day everybody!


I read a story about a guy that devoted his life to helping people. He said he did it for 4 reasons:
1) Sense of duty… he found a solution & felt responsible to pass it on.
2) It’s a pleasure… it just feels good to love your neighbor.
3) Pay it forward… it was his repayment to the man that helped him.
4) Insurance… we get well by receiving help, but we stay well by giving it.
The goal for today: help others, with these 4 Pure motives in your heart, and life will get progressively better! Have a great day everybody!

Constructive… or Destructive?

We are usually either too hard on ourselves… or too easy on ourselves. Finding balance in this respect specifically, is extremely important! Always beating myself up for making mistakes is counterproductive & renders me useless to the people around me. Being too easy on myself keeps me from ever really fixing my problems & breeds irresponsibility. The goal for today: don’t ignore my mistakes, but don’t beat myself up for them either… spot them, admit them & move toward correcting them! Have a great day everybody!