Don’t “look out for #1”… Look Out For Everyone

“A man cannot help himself, except by helping others” ~Anon. Modern day society has a tendency to encourage selfishness; it suggests we look out for #1… grab for everything you can get ‘cause you only live once… only love those who treat you right… etc… etc… me… me… me. It’s Memorial Day & I thank God for the brave souls that made the ultimate sacrifice & laid down their lives for ALL of us. I will personally guarantee you that they were not “looking out for #1”… they were looking out for everyone. The goal for today: honor their sacrifice with a small sacrifice of your own & help someone in any way you can… because that’s what life is really about! Have a great day everybody!Happy Memorial Day!

Thank You!

Veterans Day is about honoring all who have served this great nation. They are men & women who have voluntarily forfeited their own rights & freedoms, in an attempt to protect & defend everyone else’s. They are people who don’t just talk about God & Country… they feel patriotism in the hearts. It is a labor of love that can seldom be expressed in words. Veterans never really ask for anything in return for their service… but just because they didn’t ask, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our respect, honor & appreciation. The goal for today: know that all gave some & some gave all… & that the least we can do is say thank you! Have a great day everybody!Happy Veterans Day… & thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served!

Practice These 4 Things

Courage, Honor, Sacrifice, Duty.

What do these things really mean & how can we live by them?

It takes Courage to do what’s Right (Purity).

An Honorable man will tell himself, his fellows & his God the Truth (Honesty).

Sacrifice is required to contribute to the welfare of others & the greater good of us all (Selflessness).

It is our Duty, as human beings, to Love each other… under any & all conditions (Love).

The goal for today: practice Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love!

Have a great day everybody!


All veterans make huge sacrifices… they literally give up a lot of their rights & freedoms in order to defend everyone else’s. 

How could you not respect an individual that is willing to go to those lengths. 

But today is about those who made the ultimate sacrifice… those who gave their lives in defense of Peace & Freedom. 

And please let’s not forget their families. 

The mothers & fathers… husbands & wives… the children who are still here missing their loved & lost. 

The goal for today: honor our dead by showing love & respect to their families & loved ones! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

Have a great day everybody!

Memorial Day 2014

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” ~JFK.

There is no greater sacrifice for your country, than to lay down your life in defense of it!

The American flag is a symbol of Peace & Freedom… Liberty & Justice… Faith & Courage… & that is what the bravest of the brave put their lives on the line for.

They don’t risk all for government or politics… they risk all for the Love of God & country… for family… & for each other.

The goal for today, honor their courage… their devotion… their sacrifice & live up to the Freedom they fought & died to earn for all of us!

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a great day everybody!