Self-centered Thinking

Do you think that everyone is out to get you? Do you think those people are laughing at you? Do you think that everybody’s life is wonderful except yours? Well, think again! Most of the things that piss us off aren’t real… we have imagined them. I will personally guarantee you that the world is not conspiring against you. And that those people either aren’t laughing at you, or they are & it’s because they hate their lives so they focus on yours instead. And that real happiness can only come from unselfishness, so most of what you see isn’t real. The goal for today: get rid of self-centered thinking… & most of my problems will instantly disappear! Have a great day everybody!

One Solution

I am of the belief that there is exactly 1 solution to every problem. And I think the reason that so many disagree with that is because we can’t seem to agree on what caused the problem to begin with. The fact of the matter is this: if selfishness is my problem… then Unselfishness is the ONLY solution. If powerlessness is the problem… then Power is the ONLY solution. Once I decide what caused my problem, I should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work, then I was wrong about the cause… not the solution. The goal for today: know that the opposite of the problem is ALWAYS the ONLY solution! Have a great day everybody!

Maintain Positivity

One of the hardest things in the world to do, is to maintain a positive attitude. Most of us have flashes of positivity here & there, but those brief moments are usually drowning in the quicksand of our negative thoughts, feelings & actions. I have come to the conclusion that the one & only way to experience positivity on a regular, consistent, daily basis… is to avoid self-centered thinking. The goal for today: if I am feeling negative in any way, I will stop thinking about what I’m not getting from the world… & start thinking about what I can & should be contributing to it instead! Have a positive day everybody!

Selfishness Keeps Me From Seeing The Truth

People can deceive me when my thinking is self-centered.

If I’m paying more attention to me than you, I will miss all the signs that tell me whether or not you are telling me the truth.

Everyday, many times each day, I try to remind myself that helping others is the most important thing to do in life.

And the best way to help others is to pay attention to them, which can only be done by paying less attention to myself.

The goal for today: ask God to help me not be selfish… because I can’t help you, if all I’m thinking about is me!

Have a great day everybody!