Laugh… Smile… Heal

“Smiling regenerates tissue in the body” ~Emmet Fox. When I read this, and the science behind it, I began to understand that laughter, in a very literal sense, truly is the best medicine. When things weren’t going so well in my life, I didn’t do much smiling or laughing & the absence of these positives, made things even worse. Then one day, when I remembered how good it felt to genuinely laugh & smile, I came back to Life. The goal for today: heal & regenerate… learn & grow… smile & laugh! Have a great day everybody!

Thoughts Dictate Feelings

Our thinking is what really matters! 

Do yourself a favor & perform a little experiment today. 

Try to feel happy while thinking negatively. 

Think about something or someone that you really dislike & try to genuinely smile at the same time. 

Now think about something or someone that you really like, & try to feel bad about it. 

Shakespeare said “Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so”… & I have found that to be 1000% accurate! 

The goal for today: if I want to be Happy… I must first think Happy! 

Have a great day everybody!

Choose Lightheartedness

I have a friend that seems to be able to take a lighthearted approach to almost any person or situation… & every time I witness this, it serves as a great reminder that there is no need to get aggravated with people.

Last night, someone said something crazy & foolish… some got annoyed, some ignored it, but my lighthearted friend put a comedic twist on it & made everybody in the room laugh & smile… even the person that made the crazy remark.

The goal for today, be serious when necessary… but laugh & smile as often as possible!

Have a great day everybody!