Let today be the start of something new! Let it be the start of something positive & constructive… something heartfelt & helpful… something powerful & productive. No matter how big or small, let it be a step in the right direction… a step toward a more kind & loving lifestyle. Let it be the beginning of a more positive way of living & thinking & looking at the world. If you are surrounded by people, give them peace & love; if you find yourself alone, take it as an opportunity to replenish your own supply, so you can transmit it later. The goal for today: let the love that fills your heart & mind flow freely out into the world around you… & watch as it changes everything! Have a great day everybody!

Merry Christmas!


Your Heart

“Why don’t you choose your own conception of God” ~Anon. This suggestion very literally saved my life! Some of my major struggles in life stemmed from me trying to force myself to believe what other people believed, when my heart wasn’t really in it. Believing certain things & doing certain things just because someone else said so is a terrible idea. If there is any one worthwhile thing that I have learned about God, church, spirituality, religion, or whatever other names we attach to this faith thing… it’s that it must be genuine & sincere or it’s useless. The goal for today: take what your heart believes & build on that! Have a great day everybody!


“When the doctors told me I reached my plateau, I didn’t want to hear that because I don’t believe I have a plateau” ~Jason Ehrhart (wounded warrior). I love to see people refuse to accept defeat! When we are told that we can’t do something, we have 2 choices: 1) accept it & roll over. 2) repudiate it & rise above the belief in limitations. They told the Wright brothers they couldn’t fly, but they kept trying anyway… & look at us now. The goal for today: don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something; the world needs believers, miracles & strong demonstrations of what will & determination can do for us all! Have a great day everybody!

Believe It Or Not

The best way that I have found to know the difference between Right & wrong is this: I ask myself… “If there is a God, would He want me to do what I’m about to do?” And what I love about this method is that it says “If”… so it doesn’t even matter if I believe in God or not… it will still work. This simple question has very literally changed my whole way of living & thinking. The Truth comes from inside & this question helps bring it out. However, knowing the Truth is only half the battle… then it becomes a matter of “doing” it. The goal for today: use the simple question… find the simple Truth! Have a great day everybody!

Driven By Results

“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” I have been practicing psychology on my couch, at my house, for free for the past 14 years. Some would say I’m a quack (usually those who have not been open-minded enough to sit down with me & listen to what I have to say)… others would say that practicing what I’ve taught them completely turned their lives around. The methods I teach are ancient… they’ve been working since biblical times & I have found them to be infinitely more effective than our more modern approaches. Regardless of which you believe… look at the end results. The goal for today: adopt a more results driven belief system & fix some problems! Have a great day everybody!

Unity & Peace

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” ~Mark 3:25. Good can’t create bad… & bad can’t create good. Our hearts always know what’s Right & if we can get our heads to agree… good things happen. Unfortunately, sometimes our heads don’t agree… & that’s when bad things happen. Fear is what causes our heads to tell us things that aren’t true & that fear based dishonesty causes selfishness & resentment & these are the things that poison our hearts & divide us against each other & ourselves. The goal for today: rise above the fear, let your mind embrace the truth, give freely of yourself to others & let the love in your heart bring us unity & peace! Have a great day everybody!

What’s Missing?

Yesterday I read this… “We must be missing something, because the number of overdose deaths keeps going up.” Yes, we are missing something… most people do not understand that substance abuse is only a symptom of the real problem. As long as we keep treating the symptom of substance abuse, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of gun violence, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of suicide, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. The goal for today: I pray that eventually someone listens! Have a great day everybody!