The Law

I believe there are 4 levels of law that apply to us… mans law, the laws of nature, cosmic law, and God’s Law. I find it interesting to explore how these laws apply to our daily lives. For example: I no longer take things that don’t belong to me because these laws bring consequences that I don’t want in my life. Mans law says I might go to jail; natural law brings things like worry, guilt, shame, loss of sleep & appetite; cosmic law brings karma; and God’s Law simply says it’s impossible to do something wrong & feel good about it. The goal for today: follow the law… because real happiness can only come from doing what we know in our heart is Right! Have a great day everybody!


Dig Deep!

I think at times we all question ourselves & our ability to successfully navigate through all of the trials & tribulations of life. Am I strong enough… smart enough… good enough? We are faced with some pretty tough stuff sometimes, yet here we are… we’re still standing! I feel like a part of my purpose here is to help people see & understand that they are stronger than they know… smarter than they think… & that every single one of us is good enough to rise above it all & succeed at life. The goal for today: you’re here for a reason & you were sent here with the tools to fulfill your intended purpose; dig deep & I promise you will find an unlimited source of strength, wisdom & heart! Have a great day everybody!

The Science Of Trouble

I believe there is an absolute science behind our troubles. I also believe the only way to truly solve those troubles is to fully understand this science. If I am resentful, which in its truest form is the refeeling of any negative emotion… hate, anger, hurt, depression, etc… etc… then there MUST be some level of selfishness behind it. It may just be a tiny bit of selfishness… but it is there. And in order for me to be selfish… I MUST first lie to myself about something. And that internal dishonesty can ONLY come from fear of some sort. The goal for today: if I’m not happy, I should help someone… that will clear away my internal dishonesty & I can get back to doing the Right things, for the Right reasons & be happy again! Have a great day everybody!

And Now You Know

I used to think crazy things like… “I have a right to be angry”… “I’m not hurting anybody but myself”… “You made me feel this way.” Einstein, sounding very Buddhist, said… “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Once I’ve lost my mind & I believe my own craziness… I may need some help to be restored to sanity. And some of my friends who are just as insane as me, aren’t always the most reliable source of sanity – lol. But there is One Source that is always on point. The goal for today: restore sanity with the simple question… “If there is a God, would He want me to be angry, self-destructive, or irresponsible?”… & now you KNOW! Have a great day everybody!

There Is A Difference

There is a difference between freedom & entitlement. There is a difference between capitalism & greed. There is a difference between helping & enabling. There is a difference between patriotism & politics. There is a difference between God & church. What is the difference? One is Pure… & one is rooted in fear. Can you guess which one is which? Can we tell the difference between them in our everyday lives? And most importantly do we have the fortitude to do what’s Right when push comes to shove? The goal for today: know what’s Right… & then do it! Have a great day everybody!


There is a Power that exists deep down inside of every man, woman, and child. This Power can accomplish miraculous things: it can give you strength when you have none left… it can give you courage when you are scared to death… it can give you intelligence, wisdom, and insight when you don’t know what to do… it can lead you, and guide you, and lift you up above any and all danger… and all you have to do is believe. The goal for today: believe that there is a Power greater than you, call it what you will & know that if you use that Power for good… it has no limits! Have a great day everybody!

Understanding is the difference between love & hate

“We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts” ~Dwight Morrow. This is a strange double standard that we live by. Most of us are unwilling to take the time to understand why people do what they do. Why do we assume that everyone’s intentions are malicious, except our own? You make a mistake & I judge you harshly; I make a mistake, but claim that because my intentions were good, I don’t deserve to be judged. I want to live in a world where people are quicker to understand, than they are to blindly judge… even if I’m the only one living in that world. The goal for today: use the brains God gave me to understand people. I can’t hate you if I understand you; and I can’t Love you if I don’t! Have a great day everybody!