Happiness… The Inside Job

For the past 7 days I attempted to establish that the things that are truly important in life are NOT physical, material things. They are spiritual things & spiritual things CANNOT be caused by physical things. I believe the world is in poor shape because we (the human race) keep trying to get what we need from each other… rather than getting it from God & giving love to each other. We all say “Happiness is an inside job” but how many of us can honestly say we are living that way? The goal for today: stop trying to get Happiness, Peace & Freedom from people, places & things! Have a great day everybody!


Destroy Your Enemies

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them” ~Abraham Lincoln. Abe was a profoundly spiritual guy & we would all do well to learn a few things from him. If I fight with my enemies, the war rages on. If I love my enemies, the war is over… at least for me. We have to stop hating people… we have to stop trying to rule over people… we need to learn how to love our enemies. Harboring hate & anger is like dumping gas on a fire. We give power to our enemies by hating them. We are keeping them alive by giving them our attention. The goal for today: destroy my enemies with love! Have a great day everybody!

Conflicting Fears

Most of my life I had two major conflicting fears: the fear of being alone… & the fear of commitment. I would pull people close to me because I didn’t want to be alone… then push them away because I was afraid they might get too close. I would put people on the end of a yoyo & when they didn’t know how to act around me… I would claim that they were crazy or screwed up. The goal for today: cure both of these fears by being committed to giving love, rather than trying to get it! Have a great day everybody!


“So we think that unless some good & useful purpose is to be served, past occurrences should not be discussed” ~Anon. Do you ever bring up other people’s past mistakes? And do you do it in a spirit of love & tolerance… because you honestly want to help that person? I ask because if I have any other motive behind bringing it up… then I’m doing something wrong & it is absolutely going to end in some sort of fight, causing both parties hurt… not help. The goal for today: know that talking about my own mistakes is the best way to help others see theirs! Have a great day everybody!


For the first 12 years of my life I was educated in organized religion. For 20 years after that, I tried my hand at godlessness. And for the last 12 years I have practiced spirituality. Here is what I learned: organized religion taught me to worship people claiming to be the spokespersons for God. Heathenism is where I eliminate God altogether & I play God… I’m running the show. Spirituality is where I begin to fully understand that God lives in my heart, I cut out the middlemen & have a conscious contact with God, at firsthand. The goal for today: look hard at the end results of my faith (or lack thereof) & live the life that works best for me! Have a great day everybody!


Someone recently asked me how to get rid of jealousy. They said they were told to pray for the success of the person they are jealous of. Any prayer is better than not praying at all, but the Right prayer at the Right time, is far more powerful. The real problem was that the other persons success reminded him of his lack of success. In other words, he is afraid that he is a failure. The Solution is to ask God to remove your fear & then ask for the other persons success… because you won’t really mean the 2nd part until you have achieved the 1st. The goal for today: learn how to pray properly… & watch your faith grow! Have a great day everybody!

The Solution

“It is a spiritual axiom that anytime we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us” ~Anon. I’m aggravated & annoyed this morning. Life isn’t going my way at the moment & it has me a bit frustrated. Fortunately, there is a solution! I need to spot “my” mistake (fear, dishonesty, selfishness or resentment) ask God at once to remove it, discuss it with someone, make amends quickly if I have harmed anyone, and then resolutely turn my thoughts to someone I can help. This is a guaranteed formula for overcoming any & all problems. The goal for today: practice what I preach! Have a great day everybody!