You… Or Us?

If the only person you are worried about helping today is you… then you’ve missed the whole point & purpose of life. All throughout time, a blatant disregard for the welfare of others has been the cause of mans downfall. Every society that has crumbled, every empire that has collapsed, every act of war or terror, all have one key element in common… self-centered fear. Someone was afraid they weren’t going to get what they needed… so they took yours too. Trying to survive at the expense of others is the best way to end us all. The goal for today: help others… because real self-preservation can only be brought about by Unselfishness! Have a great day everybody!


How Do We Fix This?

If we want to find the solution to things like anxiety, depression, suicide, abuse, addiction, violent crime, etc… etc… we must first find the real cause. I’ve spent the past decade & a half studying these problems, pinpointing the cause, and helping people resolve these issues. The most important piece of information that I have uncovered as I listened to people’s troubles is that they are all, every one of them, rooted in fear. And they’re aren’t hundreds of different fears… there is only one. I’m afraid I’m going to lose or not get love. The goal for today: know that the joy of GIVING love, eliminates the fear of not GETTING love… & heals the world! Have a great day everybody!


My friend Ashley made a statement yesterday about personal responsibility & it really struck a chord with me. We live in a world that is currently riddled with problems & everybody has a great idea about how “somebody else” can help you. Most of my life I was afraid to help people because I didn’t know how… then I enlisted in the military & they reminded me that ignorance is no excuse. Im saying this because we have too many problemed people & not enough problem solvers. The goal for today: if you don’t know how to help somebody… LEARN… because we ALL have a responsibility to help! Have a great day everybody!

All My Problems?

“Quite as important was the discovery that spiritual principles would solve all my problems” ~Anon. Do you have a problem? You can be guaranteed there is a spiritual principle that will solve it! What the hell is a spiritual principle you ask? A spiritual principle is an infallible, unbreakable Law of Life; & if it doesn’t solve your problem, it’s because you didn’t properly apply it. Example: it’s impossible to be angry without first being selfish, dishonest & afraid. So, if you don’t want to be angry you MUST stop being selfish, tell yourself the Truth… & overcome your fear. The goal for today: practice spiritual principles… solve all your problems! Have a great day everybody!

There Is Only One

There is only one problem. There is only one solution. There is only one God. There is only one Right way. There is only One! I thought we had many different problems, but as I addressed them all individually, I realized that they all boiled down to one… the fear of being alone. I thought there were multiple solutions, but there’s only one… a genuine concern for the welfare of others. God is a bit tricky; we have many different conceptions, but only one God… Love. There are many different ways of life, but only one Right way to live… altruism. The goal for today: analyze the many, but get to the One… Pure Love! Have a great day everybody!


Someday the world will listen when I say that fear is the root cause of ALL of our problems. Until then we can continue to waste our time with psychobabble that does nothing but confuse people even more than they already are; we can waste our time & money writing useless laws that accomplish nothing; & we can waste our time arguing about who’s at fault & whose responsibility it is to fix it… to do something about it! We aren’t fixing our problems because we refuse to expend the necessary amount of brain power to figure out what the true cause is to begin with. If you don’t know what caused the problem, you are 100% guaranteed to not be able to fix it. The goal for today: I’ve already done the work… please just listen! Have a great day everybody!

Real Strength

Most people believe that our pain & suffering & problems are what make us stronger, but that’s not entirely accurate. I was making the same mistakes, experiencing the same pain, and chronically suffering for years & it wasn’t making me stronger, it was literally destroying me little by little… eating me alive, from the inside, out. It wasn’t until I made the decision to do whatever was necessary to stop the pain, suffering & problems that my strength returned. So you see it isn’t the problem that makes you strong… it’s the solution! The goal for today: stop celebrating negatives as if they are a source of strength… tirelessly seek solutions & find out how strong you really are! Have a great day everybody!