Tolerance: to respect others beliefs, practices, etc… without sharing them. This quality seems to be running a bit thin in the world today. I used to think that tolerance was my ability to put up with you… but what it really means is that I should respect you, even if I disagree with you. Another important point is that the word respect doesn’t mean roll over. I’m also not going to allow you to push your beliefs on me, or harm me with them either. The goal for today: learn how to respect each other as fellow human beings, and at the same time… learn how to properly defend your own beliefs! Have a great day everybody!


When people strongly disagree with me on certain matters they say things like… “You’re not a doctor”… while giving a medical explanation for something; “Your way is not the only way”… as they explain why their way is; “You don’t know everything”… while acting as though they do. You’re right, I’m not a doctor… & neither are you! My way is not the only way… & neither is yours! No, I don’t know everything… & neither do you! The things I talk about & write about are my beliefs, you don’t have to agree… but you don’t get to take them from me either. The goal for today: tolerance = to respect others beliefs, practices, etc. without sharing them! Have a great day everybody!

Give What’s Right

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give” ~Kahlil Gibran. There is nothing wrong with helping someone out from a physical or material standpoint… but it is infinitely more important that we learn how to give each other patience, tolerance, kindliness & Love. All the material possessions in the world won’t add up to the total sum of what even just a moment of genuine kindness could amount to. The goal for today: remember always, that your neighbor is far more in need of your Love, than they are your money! Have a great day everybody!


Right now, at this very moment… we have the power to choose what we will think about… & how we will feel. We can choose to be happy & helpful… we can choose to be stubborn & ignorant… we can choose to be mean & nasty… or we can choose to be kind & loving. The only thing we don’t get to choose… is to not choose. Whether we are consciously aware of our choices, or they take place subconsciously, doesn’t matter… we ALWAYS choose! The goal for today: choose patience, tolerance, kindliness & love! Have a great day everybody!


“So we think that unless some good & useful purpose is to be served, past occurrences should not be discussed” ~Anon. Do you ever bring up other people’s past mistakes? And do you do it in a spirit of love & tolerance… because you honestly want to help that person? I ask because if I have any other motive behind bringing it up… then I’m doing something wrong & it is absolutely going to end in some sort of fight, causing both parties hurt… not help. The goal for today: know that talking about my own mistakes is the best way to help others see theirs! Have a great day everybody!


“After all, isn’t fear the true basis of intolerance?” ~Anon. Intolerance: unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviors that differ from one’s own. Treating some people good & others bad, is caused by fear. Argument & fault finding are caused by fear. Most of what we see in the world today is intolerant & is a direct result of fear. If someone mistreats me, I will protect myself, understand their fear & pray for them. If I mistreat someone else, I will protect myself, understand my fear & pray that it be removed. The goal for today: get rid of fear… & practice real tolerance! Have a great day everybody!

Tolerance Is The Key

Tolerance = To respect others beliefs, practices, etc. without sharing them. I always thought tolerance meant… you’re an asshole, but I can put up with you… I was wrong again. We have no unity & it’s because we have no respect. For example: we have a two party system in this country to insure that both sides of the story are heard… not so we can argue about who’s right & who’s wrong & pit people against each other. The goal for today: reestablish unity via patience, tolerance, kindliness & love… then America will be great again! Have a great day everybody!