How To Live In The Now

Depression is remorse over things that have happened in the past… & anxiety is fear of what might happen in the future. Both can be very troubling conditions… however, both can be simply & easily resolved by learning how to live in the present. Here is how I live in the present: I ask God to direct my thinking… I spot, admit & correct my selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear as quickly as possible… & I constantly look for people to help. The goal for today: trust God… clean house… help others! Have a great day everybody!


“What you think upon grows” ~Emmet Fox. For some reason I refused to believe that it could be that simple. If I think about misery, depression & unhappiness… that’s what I get. If I think about peace, contentment & happiness… that’s what I get. So the next time someone or something is troubling you… think about something else. I know you are thinking “easier said than done”… but Right thinking is actually a hell of a lot easier! The goal for today: think Right, feel Right, act Right… in that order! Have a great day everybody!

Get Right… & Stay Right

In order to get Right & stay Right… I have to learn how to think Right & feel Right.

We get Right by following our Heart & we stay Right by helping others follow their Heart.

In between, we must think & feel Right.

What does that mean?

It means if I have to choose between helping someone & watching football… I have to look at helping others as the Right thing to do & feel Good about doing it.

If helping others feels bad… we have a problem.

The goal for today: let your Heart tell you mind that helping others feels Right… & then do it!

Have a great day everybody!


A Principle is an infallible, unbreakable Law of Life.

Here are some of the Principles that I have learned (usually the hard way)…

1) We can’t be selfish & Happy.

2) Anger ALWAYS comes from fear.

3) We can’t do Good & feel bad.

4) We can’t do bad & feel Good.

5) We can’t get until we give.

6) We can’t fix it if we won’t admit it.

7) We can’t fix anger with anger.

The goal for today: know that these Laws are etched in Stone… & working with them, rather than against them, is guaranteed to lead to Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!

Trust Comes Later

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first… the trust part comes later” ~from the movie Man of Steel. 

Someone asked me if I was willing to believe in God & I was apprehensive. 

I wanted to know the details… where He is… what He is… what He wants from me. 

Then I was told I don’t get to know the details first… I will have to answer on faith, & out of despair, I accepted. 

It didn’t take long for that faith to prove its worth & I turned my whole life around. 

The goal for today: let my faith lead me to the facts, so I can rise up & regain control of my life! 

Have a great day everybody!


“The Bible never threatens. It is merely stating the Law.” ~Emmet Fox. 

Life is governed by laws like gravity. 

If I throw something up & it comes back down & smashes on the floor, I’m not being punished… that’s just how the law works. 

Our souls are governed by Laws as well & these Spiritual Laws are just as inflexible as the physical. 

If I act selfishly, I’m going to get a negative result, it’s not God punishing me… that’s just how the Law works. 

The goal for today: work with the Law & succeed at Life! 

Have a great day everybody!