What Do We “Really” Want?

Sometimes we “think” we want certain things that we really don’t want. I used to “think” I wanted to smoke, drink, drug, gamble & sleep around; sometimes I “thought” I wanted to be angry or alone; I even “thought” at times that I wanted to die… but no one ever really wants any of these things. The level of internal dishonesty that takes place in our lives on a daily basis, is somewhat frightening. We need to find the Truth! The goal for today: tell myself the Truth… & the Truth is, all we really want to do is to Love our neighbor! Have a great day everybody!


Your Birthright

The Truth is a funny thing. When I don’t want to hear it… I don’t seek it… I don’t find it… & it pisses me off when someone tries to force it on me. When I do want to hear it… I seek it… I find it… & I appreciate it. And even when it’s an ugly Truth… it heals me & helps me learn & grow. If we want to be truly happy, we will eventually have to stand toe to toe with the Truth… because there is a Law of Life that says it is impossible to achieve happiness without it. The goal for today: seek, find & follow the Truth to your birthright… happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Are Your Motives Pure?

Nobody ever does anything for no reason. There is always a reason for what we do, but we usually are not consciously aware of what that reason is. For example: why do we tell people when someone wrongs us? Are we telling everybody because we are trying to be helpful to others… or are we telling everyone in an attempt to get people on our side? When we get scared, it skews our motives & we start doing the wrong things, for wrong reasons… which always brings the wrong results. The goal for today: put my best effort into doing the Right things, for the Right reasons… & watch as things turn out Right! Have a great day everybody!

Even When It’s Ugly

Last nights speaking engagement was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It wasn’t amazing because of me… it was amazing because I got to share the Truth with a room full of amazing people, that were incredibly open minded. I stood up, with mic in hand, told everyone that they are selfish… & they were happy to hear it. That’s how I know that this amazing group of people are honestly & genuinely seeking the Truth. The goal for today: let the Truth (even when it’s ugly) positively affect you… let it set you Free! Have a great day everybody!

Truth = Forgiveness

“Resentment is the #1 offender, it destroys more people than anything else” ~Anon. “Re” is a prefix that means “again”… & “sent” comes from a Latin word that means “to feel”. When someone wrongs you, it feels bad & when you think about it again, it feels bad again… that’s resentment. The re-feeling of negative emotions is destructive, so we need to learn how to fix it. The only way to fix it is to forgive… & the only way to forgive is to tell myself the Truth. The goal for today: the Truth is… my feelings come from me, not others… so I should forgive their mistakes, correct my own, get rid of resentment… & live free! Have a great day everybody!

Bad Day

It’s important to try to put a stop to a bad day as quickly as possible. Why? I had a bad day when I was 14 & I didn’t know how to fix it. As a result, that bad day turned into a bad week… a bad year… a bad decade. Finally, 18 years later, it had to stop & I went out in search of a solution. We all get to decide how much suffering we are willing to endure, but I honestly didn’t know I had a choice until someone showed me the way. I write so you know that there is always a solution… if you want it. The goal for today: KNOW that life can be better right now… if you want it to! Have a great day everybody!

How Does Life Work?

If I want to be truly happy, I have to figure out how life works. Fortunately, life is not nearly as complicated as I once thought. Here is what I’ve learned: if I do what I know in my heart is Right… I’m guaranteed to get the Right result. The Truth (not “my” truth) always heals. Giving is infinitely more important than getting. And Love always feels better than any negative thought, feeling or action. The only hard part of life is learning how to see through my own bullshit to get to that Truth. The goal for today: Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love! Have a great day everybody!