Common Sense

I feel like common sense is a bit of a lost art. When I finally sought help for the mess that I had made of my life, a friend used 1 simple question to help me with all of my problems. That simple question was “How’s that working for you?” It took some time, but eventually I started asking myself that question… & that’s when common sense started to return to my life. If whatever I am doing to find happiness isn’t working… maybe it’s time to try something else. The goal for today: don’t expect fear, dishonesty, selfishness & resentment… to bring about happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!


The Power Of The Will

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” ~Unknown. Success is always an option… there is nothing we can’t do! To give up is unnatural & it’s actually hard for us to do. We may get frustrated or scared & claim we can’t go on… but 9 times out of 10 we do go on… & we win out! No matter what life throws at us, we can rise above it! We are built to succeed, we are built to overcome adversity, we are built to prove that in God’s world… anything is possible! The goal for today: find your strength, find your stride, find your peace, find your pride, find your happiness deep inside… & the world will be yours, both far & wide! Have a great day everybody!

Two Wrongs…

What is your first instinct when someone makes a mistake, or wrongs you in some way? Is it to call or message everyone you know to tell them what a screw up that person is? And why do you think you are so anxious to do that? Do you think making them look bad will somehow make you look good? Does it make you feel like you are better than them? And let me ask you this: have you thought about the damage your slanderous gossip is doing to everyone involved? Do you really think it’s a good idea to poison the hearts & minds of others with your resentments? The goal for today: remember that two wrongs don’t make a right & try a slightly more adult approach to life! Have a great day everybody!


I don’t help people for appreciation, reciprocation, or reputation… those are all the wrong reasons. I help people very simply because it’s the Right thing to do. And when I help people for the Right reason, it is absolutely, 100% impossible to feel hurt or angry or unappreciated. I don’t help people & then sit around waiting to see how grateful they are; I help them & immediately start looking for someone else to help… I never look back. I used to help people because I didn’t want to be alone, which means I was really just trying to help myself… & that’s why I got hurt. The goal for today: know that it is selfishness, not helpfulness that makes one feel unappreciated! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Ready?

I use a very precise & specific approach to helping people. I use this particular approach because it is tried & true… & NEVER fails. It is a “no nonsense” approach that requires people to be willing to accept some harsh realities… & because of that, some say that it is too hardcore & in your face. Well, it is only too hardcore if you’re not willing to face the Truth… & if that’s the case… then I can’t help you anyway. The watered down, easier, softer way doesn’t seem to be working… & that’s why I don’t use it. The goal for today: know that the Truth doesn’t change just because you aren’t ready to hear it! Have a great day everybody!

Who Are You Thinking About?

I wonder if you woke up thinking about me & how my life is going today… hmmm. My days almost always get off to a good start because my first thoughts are usually things like… “I wonder how so & so is doing today?” Or… “What can I do, or write about that might help someone else today?” When my thoughts aren’t selfish & self-centered… when it’s not all about me… when I have a genuine concern for the welfare of others… life just feels better. The goal for today: go contrary to what most of the world is suggesting & put the happiness of others ahead of my own! Have a great day everybody!

Who’s Really Running Things?

I consider myself a patriot & I recently watched a show that made a statement that moved me to tears. A lawyer gave a speech to a jury reminding them that the only thing more powerful than the federal government is us… “We the people.” I need a reminder like that from time to time, as I sit around waiting for the government to fix all of my problems. It’s not their job to fix my problems… it’s mine! The government isn’t running us… we are running it! It doesn’t tell us what to do… we tell it! This is not about politics… it’s about patriotism & personal responsibility. The goal for today: know that world peace starts at my house… not the White House! Have a great day everybody!