Just Love

When someone is acting obnoxious, how do you react? Do you take it personally? Do you retaliate & treat them poorly? Do you insult them & then tell all your friends what a great job you did of mistreating them? Or do you Love them & understand that they are acting that way because they are scared? Someone once said… “Some things are true, whether you believe them or not”… & this may be one of those things: There is only one RIGHT way to treat a fellow human being… under any & all circumstances… & that is with a spirit of Love & Tolerance. The goal for today: Love people… all people… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!


Do we practice unconditional love? Do we really understand what the word unconditional means? And do we know what would be classified as a condition? Most of us do not practice unconditional love, even though we think we do. Most of us know it means “without condition”, but we don’t really comprehend what that means. Most of us put conditions on our kindness & we don’t even realize we are doing it. If I get upset because my love isn’t reciprocated… that’s a condition. If I get mad because my love isn’t appreciated… that’s a condition. If I only love people that lift me up… that’s a condition. The goal for today: REAL Unconditional Love! Have a great day everybody!

Just Give

“If I love you, what business is it of yours” ~Goethe. One of my favorite quotes! Properly understood, this means that I should not waste time worrying about whether or not people love me… I should stay focused on making sure that I am giving love out freely to others. The great paradox of love is that it always makes the giver feel better than the recipient. But when we forget that fact & complain that we aren’t “getting” enough love from others, we shut ourselves off from the wonderful feelings of love, because the one & only way to truly feel love, is to give it. The goal for today: don’t waste time monitoring the rest of the worlds actions… just make sure you’re doing what’s Right! Have a great day everybody!

… But Always Give

I always talk about “giving” & yes, there is a Right way & a wrong way to give. The motive behind my giving dictates whether it is Right or wrong… & it dictates the outcome. If I give freely of myself, expecting nothing in return, with no fear or selfishness… I am guaranteed to get the Right outcome. But when I give with a selfish or fear based motive… things turn out bad. When I give selfishly (expecting praise)… my kindness goes unappreciated & I feel hurt. When I give fearfully… I get taken for granted, taken advantage of, I give too much & enable people, rather than help them. The goal for today: learn how to “give” properly… but ALWAYS give! Have a great day everybody!

The Only Solution

There is a guaranteed solution to every problem, and as long as we are willing to go to any lengths… we will find it. The amazing (yet sometimes annoying) fact of life, is that we all have the same problem… & therefore, we all have the same solution. If you have a problem… you’re afraid; and the only solution to fear is Purity, which means I should give Love out freely to others, simply because it’s the Right thing to do… knowing that nothing feels better. The goal for today: become willing to apply the ONLY solution… Unconditional Love! Have a great day everybody!

What Moves You?

When we see, hear, or feel something that moves us to tears… we have found something that “really” matters. Money doesn’t move me to tears… houses & cars don’t move me to tears… supermodels don’t move me to tears. People helping people moves me to tears… true patriotism moves me to tears… unconditional love moves me to tears. Now that I know what “really” matters to me… I can get to work on contributing to those things & help the world, rather than just helping myself. The goal for today: tell myself the Truth about what’s really important… contribute to the world… & go help someone! Have a great day everybody!

Eliminate Anger

Anger is selfish… even when it’s justified. If someone wrongs me & I get angry, it’s because I’m thinking about what’s been done to me. Claiming that I got mad because I have a genuine concern for the welfare of others, simply isn’t true. I’m not thinking about the pain that the offender is in… & they are always in pain of some sort. I’m not thinking about the harm done to others… even though that is what I always claim. I’m thinking about myself… “self” is the ONLY source of anger. The goal for today: love my neighbor… & eliminate anger! Have a great day everybody!


“If I love you, what business is it of yours” ~Goethe. This is one of the most important points in the history of humankind! Years ago, I broke off a relationship & people thought I was crazy. They said… “She is attractive, smart, treats you right & has a good job. Why would you leave her?” The answer is because I didn’t love her. Love isn’t about what your significant other has to offer you, it’s about how you feel about them… PERIOD! If I feel good about giving to you, then your looks, your pedigree & your credit score don’t matter. The goal for today: know that real Love is about how you feel about someone… not what you can get from them! Have a great day everybody!

Give Love… Receive Happiness

“What will make you happy is the love coming out of you” ~Don Miguel Ruiz. My beautiful fiancé & I read this last night as we were celebrating our anniversary. Most of the world’s misery comes from believing that getting love would feel better than giving it. We need to turn this around! I need it… you need it… this world needs us all to understand how love works. Giving love out freely, wholly, and unconditionally is the absolute key to ALL of our happiness. The goal for today: give unconditional Love… & receive unconditional Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Quid Pro Quo

“Love will never look for a quid pro quo” ~Emmet Fox. There is no worse feeling in the world than giving love, expecting to get it in return & being let down. How can we avoid this problem? Should we stop giving love? Should we stop having expectations? Or maybe we should fully understand that giving anything with a motive of getting something in return is always a bad idea… & should never be called love. The goal for today: give love because it’s the right thing to do… not because I want something from you! Have a great day everybody!