Universe… we all live in the same place. Unity… we are all in this together. E pluribus unum… out of many, one. The prefix “uni” means “1”… So every time that I claim I’m different, or I have a different problem than you, or even a different solution… I am mistaken. There is a universal right & wrong… & until we all get on the same page with it… there can be no true unity. Once you strip away our physical attributes, we are identical; things like race, creed, color, gender & everything else we use to divide ourselves with, become completely irrelevant. The goal for today: know that you may be unique, but you’re not different… you’re not alone… I’m here with you… WE ARE ALL ONE! Have a great day everybody!

Hope & Reality

I try to rightly relate hope & reality. Hope is a vitally important virtue! Without hope we would never strive for better lives, we wouldn’t be able to see what an amazing road potentially lies ahead of us. But reality isn’t on the road ahead… it’s right here & now. Reality steps in & reminds us that the road ahead isn’t going to pave itself… there is work to be done if we want our future to be as bright as it could be. Reality guarantees future happiness & success… “IF” we get rid of our selfishness & learn how to Love & help each other right here & now! The goal for today: I don’t hope for happiness… I just hope I’m willing to do what’s required of me to get it! Have a great day everybody!


“I’m not hurting anybody but myself” was one of my favorite things to say when I wasn’t living Right… but now I know better. Everything we do affects other people… good, bad, or otherwise. I used to avoid family & close friends when I was a screw up because I thought I was sparing them from having to deal with my screw ups. But then it dawned on me that avoiding my loved ones was hurting them too. And more importantly… now I see how my positive actions can have a profound affect on those around me as well. The goal for today: do the best I can, be a part of life, be humble enough to ask for help & selfless enough to give it! We are all in this together! Have a great day everybody!


I was playing candy crush, and the board I was on had bombs all over it. I was so focused on getting rid of the bombs, that I wasn’t able to achieve the objective… & I failed to complete the board. The next time I played that board, I focused on the objective, the bombs took care of themselves, and I beat the board. Life is just like that; we sometimes let fear distract us from what we were put here to do… which is to give Love. The goal for today: stay in the moment by focusing on the task at hand, rise above our difficulties & differences, and achieve the objective… Love! Have a great day everybody!


I believe in a Universal Truth. I believe that there are certain things that apply to every single human being in the history (and future) of mankind. And I believe that once we begin to truly understand these Universal Truths, nothing else really matters. We really need to find some common ground, some unity… because believing that we are all so different, robs us of the opportunity to live & work together. Although we all have our differences… we should focus on the Unlimited Power of our similarities. The goal for today: Unity! Have a great day everybody!

Unique… Or Unified?

We are all unique in a lot of ways & that’s a wonderful thing… but what matters most is how we are all exactly the same. Unity is far more important than being unique. I have learned certain things, that when properly understood, could unify the world! All of our problems are caused by fear & they are all cured by giving Love & in that respect, we are not unique… we are unified. The goal for today: get rid of the false belief that no one understands what you’re going through… find someone to give Love to… & let the power of unity heal the world! Have a great day everybody!

Many Problems… One Solution

There are a million different paths we can take to get to a solution… but there is still only One Solution. No matter what the problem is, or how it came about… there can be but One way to fix it. I have come to the point blank conclusion that getting rid of selfishness is the key to solving ALL of my problems. My problems may have taken me down a different path than yours took you down… but at the end of each of our paths lies Unselfishness. The goal for today: unity through the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!