Hindsight + Insight + Foresight = Visionary

Everything is easy in hindsight… but what about insight & foresight? We can all look back & clearly see what we should have done instead, but the real key to life is to look back on past mistakes specifically to avoid making the same mistakes here in the present (insight)… knowing that if I take the opposite action, I will get the opposite outcome moving forward (foresight). Example: in the past I was selfish & it made me unhappy; so if I live unselfishly today, happiness will be the guaranteed outcome. The goal for today: learn from the past… so I can live Right in the present… & enjoy a future full of happiness! Have a great day everybody!


“I’m not hurting anybody but myself” was one of my favorite things to say when I wasn’t living Right… but now I know better. Everything we do affects other people… good, bad, or otherwise. I used to avoid family & close friends when I was a screw up because I thought I was sparing them from having to deal with my screw ups. But then it dawned on me that avoiding my loved ones was hurting them too. And more importantly… now I see how my positive actions can have a profound affect on those around me as well. The goal for today: do the best I can, be a part of life, be humble enough to ask for help & selfless enough to give it! We are all in this together! Have a great day everybody!


There is a difference between caring, and worrying. Primarily the difference is that caring is unselfish; and worrying is selfish. Caring can’t cause negative thoughts or feelings because it’s a Pure Positive… it’s ALWAYS for the sake of the other person. Worrying, on the other hand, ALWAYS has something to do with me. I worry when I think “I’m” to blame for something… I worry when “I’m” going to lose or not get something… I worry when “I” may be negatively affected. But I can claim I “care” when I’m genuinely concerned for “your” well-being. The goal for today: worry is a form of fear & caring is a form of Purity… let your heart tell you which is Right! Have a great day everybody!

Just Give

“If I love you, what business is it of yours” ~Goethe. One of my favorite quotes! Properly understood, this means that I should not waste time worrying about whether or not people love me… I should stay focused on making sure that I am giving love out freely to others. The great paradox of love is that it always makes the giver feel better than the recipient. But when we forget that fact & complain that we aren’t “getting” enough love from others, we shut ourselves off from the wonderful feelings of love, because the one & only way to truly feel love, is to give it. The goal for today: don’t waste time monitoring the rest of the worlds actions… just make sure you’re doing what’s Right! Have a great day everybody!


There are 4 things in this world that I am absolutely certain of!

1) Purity is always a better motive than fear. 

2) Honesty is always a better policy than dishonest. 

3) Selflessness is always a better feeling than selfishness. 

4) Love is always a better thing to give than resentment.

I certainly don’t practice this perfectly… but I am certain that it is a perfect plan. 

The goal for today: Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love! 

Have a great day everybody!

‘Want’ To Help!

I was helping someone the other day & they decided to help me. 

When I saw them doing it, I said “you didn’t have to do that” & they said “and you didn’t have to do this, but you did.” 

I love when I’m in that frame of mind where I expect myself to help others, but I don’t expect others to help me. 

I wasn’t doing what I was doing looking for something in return… it just felt like the Right thing to do. 

The goal for today: know that nobody ‘has’ to help anybody… but we should all ‘want’ to help somebody! 

Have a great day everybody!

Selfless = Happy

It is impossible to be unhappy without first being selfish.

This is true simply because it would be impossible for me to know that I was unhappy unless of course, I was thinking about myself at that moment.

When I become aware that I am unhappy, I should instantly start looking for someone to help or to care about.

If it’s 3:00am & no ones around… then I should at least ‘think’ about helping others.

The goal for today: have a genuine concern for the welfare of others & be happy!

Have a great day everybody!

The Stream Of Life

“Were we thinking of ourselves most of the time? Or were we thinking of what we could do for others, of what we could pack into the stream of life?” ~Anon.

I love this quote & I have gone through every emotion with it.

At first I ‘thought’ I was thinking of others, but in reality I would only help you if it benefitted me.

Then, once I knew the Truth about my selfishness, the question was laughable… I was always thinking about myself.

Now, I can honestly say that I have your well being before mine more often than not.

The goal for today, have a genuine concern for the well being of others & be truly happy!

Have a great day everybody!