Choose Good Thoughts

I like baseball, I like helping people, I like writing & I really like those candies… the ones with the gel in the center & the wrapper that looks like a strawberry. 

I could probably write a big, long list of things I don’t like, but I’d rather not give those things my time & attention. 

I get to choose the kind of thoughts that I entertain & I don’t want the negatives. 

The goal for today: let my mind be filled with positive, constructive, kind, loving, peaceful, useful, helpful thoughts! 

Have a great day everybody!

Grow Happier Every Day

The key to living a perfectly happy, healthy, useful, productive life is to be 100% Selfless, Honest, Pure & Loving.

I’m not perfect… but it’s not because I don’t know how to be.

I guess my point is this… even though I still make mistakes, I’m no longer confused about how it happened & if I know what caused it… I can fix it.

If I’m not happy, healthy, useful & productive… I simply need to be more Selfless, Honest, Pure & Loving.

The goal for today, strive for perfection & grow happier every day!

Have a great day everybody!