The Battle Within

Someone recently said to me… “I don’t know how I’m supposed to think or feel right now.” This is what happens when our heart tells us one thing, but our head tells us another. In this particular case it was a question of forgiveness… or justified anger. Their heart was telling them that they should follow the path of Love, Understanding & Forgiveness; but their head was screaming anger, resentment & vengeance. It is absolutely essential that we learn how to make the Right decisions in these moments! The goal for today: remember that when the battle within you is raging… you should always follow your heart! Have a great day everybody!

You Don’t Really Want That

I frequently talk about how lazy minded we’ve become & how little we really know about ourselves as a result. Example: did you ever “think” that you wanted someone else to suffer? Maybe they wronged you or hurt someone you cared about & now you want to see them pay? None of us ever really want to see people suffer. It is delusional to believe that happiness can come to me because of someone else’s suffering. I’m not saying that justice shouldn’t be served… I’m saying that there is a difference between justice & vengeance… & that the latter will NEVER lead to real peace & happiness. The goal for today: know that unconditional love is the only pathway to true inner peace! Have a great day everybody!