Hard Work

“You are not likely to have the most talent in the room, but you could work the hardest in the room” ~Rorke Denver.

I’m certainly not the most talented person, but heart & hard work will definitely make up the difference.

When I’m feeling a little short on talent, I don’t give up… I work harder.

In fact… all real talent comes from hard work anyway.

The goal for today: give 110%… because hard work brings peace, contentment & fulfillment… & talent alone, can’t do that!

Have a great day everybody!


Easier Said Than Done

“Easier said than done”… I say this to people a lot… but recently, I’m beginning to realize that it’s only half true.

Doing the Right thing is always easier than doing the wrong thing… the hard part is to understand what that means.

Example: There is a big difference between earning what I get out of life & constantly struggling to survive.

Putting the effort into living a good life is infinitely easier than trying to live a good life without putting the effort into it.

The goal for today, work hard… & life won’t be so hard!

Have a great day everybody!