Give Love… Avoid Stress

The best way to get rid of stress & tension, is to give Love.

Sharing my stress isn’t going to get rid of it… in fact, it will compound it & multiply it.

I don’t want to give you stress, while you give me Love… it’s just not fair & will not work.

All I would accomplish by taking your Love is that I would get a false & temporary sense of relief, followed by the return of stress now compounded by the guilt of taking Love from you without giving any.

The goal for today: give Love… avoid stress!

Have a great day everybody!


There are Laws that govern the physical world & in large part… we are unaware of them.

In fact, it’s almost as if we don’t want them to exist because if they do, it means that I’m to blame for all of my own troubles.

But they do exist & we are responsible for our own lives… the good, the bad & the ugly.

It’s scary, but within this responsibility lies True Freedom… in it’s Purest form.

These Laws are called Principles & they are the only things in life that we can be absolutely certain about!

The goal for today: Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love… learn about them… live by them… & then share them with others!

Have a great day everybody!


“Nobody’s perfect” ~idk.

I agree, nobody is perfect, but it’s not because we can’t be… it is primarily because we keep telling ourselves we can’t be.

The more time we spend planting the seed of doubt, the further we get from the Truth.

I want to believe that anything is possible in God’s world.

And even if I’m wrong, what harm could possibly come from trying?

The worst thing that could happen by trying to be perfect is that I will make more forward progress.

The goal for today: strive for perfection… spot, admit & correct my mistakes… & make forward progress!

Have a great days everybody!

Change Is Always Possible

“Accept the things I cannot change…” ~Niebuhr.

This may ruffle a few feathers because most people love the serenity prayer… it’s not one of my favorites.

If I change my attitude toward a person, place or thing… that person, place or thing changes too.

Therefore, so long as I have the ability to change my mind… then there is nothing that can’t be changed… which means there is no need to simply accept any negative condition.

The goal for today: I’m going to accept the fact that there is nothing that can’t be changed!

Have a great day everybody!


I frequently hear people say, & I have said many times myself, that I wish I could just turn my brain off.

My twisted thinking causes me a lot of anger & frustration… fear & tension… fatigue & sleeplessness.

And as long as it remains twisted, it robs me of my peace & serenity.

Well, we can’t turn it off… but we can redirect it.

When I untwist my thinking, I feel content, relaxed & energized… my peace & serenity are restored & all is well!

The goal for today: don’t be mindless… be mindful of positives only!

Have a great day everybody!

You Are A Person

“God works through people” ~Unknown.

I agree & we definitely need each other… but in the past I have used this as an excuse to not be responsible for making my own decisions.

Sometimes, when I can’t see the Truth clearly, it helps to have someone I can trust, to help me see it.

However, God is the only infallible source of Truth & Intelligence, so any time I can get my answers directly from Him… I should do just that.

The goal for today: yes… God does work through people but the real Truth can only come from inside of the seeker!

Have a great day everybody! 

Stop Or Sneak

A friend once suggested that I stop partaking in one of my many one time destructive behaviors.

I think he could tell by the look on my face that I had no intention of stopping & he said “Now you have a choice… you can either stop or just be sneakier about it.”

That was a great point & I learned a lot from it.

No one is going to do what I say just because I said so… therefore, all I can do is make a suggestion & the rest is up to them.

The goal for today: don’t play God in people’s lives… play the role of close mouthed, understanding, friend!

Have a great day everybody!