Don’t Lecture… Lead

“The quickest way to spread the Truth is by living the life yourself” ~Emmet Fox. I have wasted a lot of time “telling” people what to do, rather than “showing” them. Now, I try to lead by example… I try to demonstrate what the end result of Right action can lead to… I try to lead people into a better way of life, rather than trying to push them into one. When we climb up on our soapbox & start barking orders for people to follow (even when it is for their own good) they tend to rebel & do the opposite. But when we live the life ourselves & prove through our actions that there is a better way, people tend to follow. The goal for today: don’t lecture… LEAD! Have a great day everybody!

What’s Your Focus?

I used to have a tendency to focus on the negatives. For example: someone would do something nice for me & I wouldn’t make a big deal out of that… I would take what they gave me & quietly move on. But when they failed to do something for me, I would make a big deal out of that… & I would let them know how disappointed I was in them. So, I would show no appreciation for their kindness; yet be incredibly critical of them when they weren’t giving me that kindness. The goal for today: stop expecting people to do things for you… be appreciative if they do… focus on giving, rather than getting… & live in positivity! Have a great day everybody!


“Life will take on new meaning” ~Anon. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What can I do to make the world a better place? All great questions… & they all have “ONE” great answer… LOVE! If we learn how to “give” love out freely, understanding that it is the single most powerful & important thing that any human being can do in this world, then we can claim we have found the true meaning of life. One day I stopped trying to “get” Love & starting “giving” it instead & that’s when my life took on new meaning & instantly improved. The goal for today: regardless of profession, standing or status… give Love! Have a great day everybody!

Great Advice!

I got some great advice from a co-worker yesterday. I said I was a little nervous because Monday is my first day kinda on my own at my new job… & they simply said “Don’t worry about tomorrow… get some rest.” Ahhhh, the all important advice to “live in the present moment” that I give out to other people every single day of my life, that I forgot about when I needed it for myself. I took their advice, got a good nights rest & now I feel well prepared mentally & physically to face anything life might throw my way. The goal for today: don’t worry about yesterday… don’t fret about tomorrow… stay focused & in the moment & handle life as it comes! Have a great day everybody!


There is no such thing as hopeless. There is always hope… there is always light at the end of the tunnel (even when you can’t see it)… there is always a solution! There is a universal Law of Life that states there cannot be a problem without a solution. If our brains can form the problem, they can also form the solution. Even when a math problem equals zero, it can never equal nothing. Therefore, hopeless doesn’t mean there is no solution… it just means that I gave up on looking for it. The goal for today: know that every problem is solvable & there is always a solution; so never give up… never surrender! Have a great day everybody!


“The only way to truly change the world is to teach a child that love abounds” ~Fred Rogers. I feel like we are currently teaching children that fear abounds & I don’t think it is helping anyone. Fear builds an “every man for himself” type of attitude into the world, which has eroded away our sense of unity & togetherness. Whereas love builds on the idea that “we are all in this life together”… which is the only hope we have of ever making this world a better place. Fear, for the sake of self-preservation, needs to be replaced by love, for the sake of human-preservation… so let’s make that our goal for at least this 1 day! Have a great day everybody!

Hour Of Need

At times in life, I felt like I was being abandoned in my greatest hour of need. When I needed people most, I would find myself alone, wondering why no one was there for me. As I analyzed my situation, I learned 2 valuable lessons about myself: 1) That I had a tendency to refuse, or not ask for help because I didn’t want to look weak or feel obligated to return the favor. 2) That my greatest hour of need usually came with a shitload of fear that caused me to lie to myself, claiming I had been abandoned when actually I hadn’t been. The goal for today: get rid of fear & all those feelings of abandonment will go away with it! Have a great day everybody!


Overthinking causes worry; under-thinking causes ignorance. When I’m overthinking everything I get distracted, stressed out & lose sleep. When I’m under-thinking things I become complacent, lazy & can’t seem to figure out why everything is going wrong in my life. There is a solution… there is a middle ground! We can learn how, begin to practice & get good at thinking like sane people. We can focus on solutions, rather than problems. We can focus on thinking about the right things, at the right times, rather than losing sleep over them. We can control our minds! The goal for today: balanced, stress free thinking… aka: peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!

It’s Not Personal

Try not to take life so personally. The world is not out to get you… even though it may feel that way sometimes. No one is actually doing anything “to” you… they are doing it “for” themselves. And God certainly doesn’t have it in for you… even though our self-centered misuse of freewill makes it look & feel like that sometimes. So, when things don’t go your way, try not to take it so personally. The goal for today: take the ups & downs as they come, do your best to spin them all into positives & live by the impersonal sense of goodwill toward all… Love! Have a great day everybody!

Good Ideas

“Most good ideas are simple” ~Anon. I spent most my of life complicating the hell out of everything. My problems were complex… my emotions were complex… my mind was complex… & therefore, I thought my solutions must be terribly complex as well. But life doesn’t have to be so complicated. My mind is not that complex… I’m either entertaining positive thoughts or negative thoughts. My emotions are not that complex… they are a direct result of my thoughts & will be positive or negative in accordance with my frame of mind. My problems are not that complex… positive thoughts & feelings solve problems & negative thoughts & feelings cause them. The goal for today: simplify your life by simplifying your thoughts; think love, feel love, give love… simple! Have a great day everybody!