Always Wrong

I have found that anger or hatred toward another is ALWAYS wrong. I have had a few occasions in my life where I was legitimately & seriously wronged by people… & as a result, I felt completely justified in my anger. There is a better way! If someone wrongs me, I should act like a sane, rational, adult. For example: if a girl cheats on me, I have to decide whether to leave her or give her a second chance… but I can do either of those two things without getting angry. The goal for today: know that anger comes from fear… & it is not a required part of the decision making process; it’s a choice & it’s always the wrong choice! Have a great day everybody!


Driven By Results

“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” I have been practicing psychology on my couch, at my house, for free for the past 14 years. Some would say I’m a quack (usually those who have not been open-minded enough to sit down with me & listen to what I have to say)… others would say that practicing what I’ve taught them completely turned their lives around. The methods I teach are ancient… they’ve been working since biblical times & I have found them to be infinitely more effective than our more modern approaches. Regardless of which you believe… look at the end results. The goal for today: adopt a more results driven belief system & fix some problems! Have a great day everybody!

Your Heart

Most of my life I had a massive lack of self-esteem, and that caused me to rely on others to tell me how to live. I would believe things just because people (that I decided we’re smarter than me) said so… & that caused all sorts of problems. Here is what I learned from it: it is immature & irresponsible to let others run my life. Not everyone that “sounds” smart, is smart. No one on Earth is more qualified to run my life than I am. And the only guaranteed source of Truth in my life is my own conscience. The goal for today: know that your own heart is a far more reliable source of Truth than their opinions could ever be! Have a great day everybody!


I have found that trauma is in the eye of the beholder. Some are traumatized by things that others wouldn’t be… but that doesn’t make them any less traumatic. I recently heard someone say they are a drug addict but they didn’t have anything traumatic happen to them… they just like to get high. This is NEVER true! No one destroys themselves with drugs & alcohol because they “like” to. Whether you were abused as a child or your parents just didn’t buy you the car you wanted for graduation… if you have deemed it traumatic, it is adversely affecting you & must be dealt with. The goal for today: overcome your difficulties (big or small) through forgiveness, understanding, maturity & altruism! Have a great day everybody!


A little determination will go a long way! When we are truly determined to do something, nothing can stop us; and without that determination, nothing can help us. So, we all need to get our minds right, believe in ourselves & each other, and rise up to reclaim control of our lives & circumstances. Yes, we have a lot problems in this world today, but we also have all the solutions… & our willingness & determination to put the solutions into practice, will dictate whether or not we are successful in solving our problems. The goal for today: dig deep, find your determination… & let’s get some of these problems solved! Have a great day everybody!

Unity & Peace

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” ~Mark 3:25. Good can’t create bad… & bad can’t create good. Our hearts always know what’s Right & if we can get our heads to agree… good things happen. Unfortunately, sometimes our heads don’t agree… & that’s when bad things happen. Fear is what causes our heads to tell us things that aren’t true & that fear based dishonesty causes selfishness & resentment & these are the things that poison our hearts & divide us against each other & ourselves. The goal for today: rise above the fear, let your mind embrace the truth, give freely of yourself to others & let the love in your heart bring us unity & peace! Have a great day everybody!

Be Alive!

I got to a point in my life where just avoiding misery wasn’t enough… I needed to find true happiness; just avoiding confrontation wasn’t enough… I needed to find true peace; just avoiding trouble wasn’t enough… I needed to find true freedom. And here is how I did it: I admitted that I was the cause of my problems & I changed myself. I learned how to do the Right things for the Right reasons & how to be Honest with myself; I learned it is better to give than receive & to Love rather than hate; I learned that helping others is more important than helping myself. The goal for today: don’t just exist… be alive! Have a great day everybody!