Peace Of Mind

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth losing your peace of mind” ~Emmet Fox. I believe this wholeheartedly… but damn, it seems hard to practice sometimes. When I look back at the millions of problems I’ve had in my 45 years here, I am astonished at the fact that I have survived them all. And now, I try to remember that I never solved a problem by losing my temper, my patience, or my peace of mind; in fact… the overcoming of every single one of these problems came once peace of mind was restored. The goal for today: PEACE! Have a great day everybody!



“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves… but what’s the best way to do that? I spent 18 years “looking out for #1” and my life sucked… I was unhappy & nothing ever seemed to turn out right. I spent the last 13 putting others first (to the best of my ability) and life has gotten infinitely better… I feel happiness & peace more often than not. The goal for today: do my best to put the welfare of others ahead of my own… because when I put God 1st, you 2nd & me 3rd, things seem to turn out Right! Have a great day everybody!

Open The Vent

Driving down the street the other day, my fiancé asked me to turn on the air conditioning. I turned it on & as it was blowing on me, I actually got a little cold… so I closed the vent that was blowing on me. As I sit here, I realize that Peace works that way too. Peace is generated from within, and if I can’t feel it, it’s because I shut myself off to it… I closed my vent. Nothing & no one can keep me from feeling at Peace, except me… I control the vent. The goal for today: stop trying to get Peace from outside; find it in your own heart… & simply let it flow out! Have a great day everybody!


Day 4 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Soul: your true & eternal self.

The soul is the part of us that is eternal… it wasn’t born & will never die. The physical body will eventually return to the earth… but the soul lives on forever. Your soul is all that is good in you… it is the perfect you that is of God. Happiness, Peace & Freedom come from the soul… whereas, misery, discontent & fear come from the physical. I believe that the soul comes to earth perfectly Pure, Honest, Selfless & Loving… & our goal here is to get the physical to follow its lead. The goal for today: work on getting our flawed physical minds to follow our perfect & eternal hearts! Have a great day everybody!


Freedom… Honor… Duty… Peace… & Patriotism. Most of my life, these words didn’t mean much to me… but now they mean everything! We are all free to live a life of respect, for ourselves, others & our world (honor); we have an obligation to help each other & do what’s right (duty)… we have a God given Right to live a life free of hate & anger (peace); and to those who are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to experience all of the above as well… we salute you. The goal for today: independence means that nothing & no one can take these things from us! Have a great day everybody!
Happy Independence Day!


“Misery loves company” ~Unknown. This statement is very true… but misery will have to do without the benefit of my company. I fully understand that misery is a choice… & I have made the conscious decision to not participate in it, ever again. If you have visited my home, you can feel it; there is a sense of peace & comfort in this place… because this is where misery comes to die. Most of the people that come here, come asking me to help them not be miserable anymore. The goal for today: let your Peace & Happiness either heal misery… or at least repel it! Have a great day everybody!


“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”‭‭ ~Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬. Ahhhh REST! Just the word itself feels good… doesn’t it? If my life is really hard to live… if it seems like more work than I can handle… it’s time to come unto the Truth… because the Truth will give me rest. To me this says that my constant struggle in life came from trying to live contrary to this Truth. The goal for today: know that Happiness, Peace & Freedom (Rest), are guaranteed to come to us… “IF” we Love & Help each other (Truth)! Have a great day everybody!